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Presidential Election Odds Update Before November 3

On Tuesday, November 3, U.S. citizens head to the polls to vote for their next Commander-in-Chief. The odds on the U.S. Presidential Election continue to favor Joe Biden, but Donald Trump appears to have momentum. It’s still not too late for players to call bookie agents like you and wager through your sportsbook. Check out an Election Day odds update.

Depending on which poll you view, Joe Biden could either be up by 8 to 11 points, or he could be down by 2 to 4 points. Pollsters use different methodologies to determine where a candidate stands heading into a Presidential Election. CNBC, Rasmussen Reports, and the Trafalgar Group are all independent companies that derive polling stats from their own specific process.

That makes it challenging for any pph sportsbook agent to determine how to manage Presidential Election odds betting. The best course of action? Promote wagering as much as possible and then use the layoff account to balance out wagering on either side. Before getting into that, check out U.S. Election odds betting trends. 

Do betting trends point to a Trump repeat win?

It’s important to understand where the two Presidential Election candidates are odds-wise heading to the massive Tuesday showdown. First, Joe Biden continues to maintain a slight lead in the polls.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but that could be a problem for the Democratic candidate. Donald Trump is the master of rallying his base. He’s the most charismatic U.S. Presidential candidate the Republicans have had in their history. 

While Joe Biden has decided to hide out for the six days before the election, he has no speeches or appearances planned, and Trump continues to have up to three rallies a day. The man shows no signs of a COVID hangover. The current Commander-in-Chief tested positive for the coronavirus in early October and may have the momentum heading into the final few days before the election.

Biden makes a statement that could cost him the win

In the final Presidential Debate before November 3, the Democratic Candidate made a statement that could push Trump towards victory. Joe Biden said that he wanted to phase out fossil fuels and become carbon neutral by 2035. 

Although it helped with his base and to get progressives interested in backing him, the statement scared plenty of American workers in the oil and natural gas industries. The United States has become one of the top exporters of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. 

Maybe because of Biden’s blunder, some polls haveTrump ahead in rust belt states Pennsylvania and Michigan. The Wolverine State continues to rely on gas-powered car production. No oil means no gas, which means job losses. At least, that’s the way the current President is framing it. Pennsylvania has a growing energy sector. Both states could decide to back Trump.  

Did Biden build an early voting lead?

Although the free world’s current leader appears to have momentum, we can’t discount the belief that Joe Biden built a massive early lead. More than 70 million people have voted early during this election cycle. That already beats the total number that voted early in 2016, under 59 million.

If that’s correct, Trump could be in a lousy position come November 3. The President believes, though, that most Republicans have yet to vote. He also thinks that Democrats have overemphasized early voting instead of actual campaigning.

Players Trump or Biden supporters? For you, it doesn’t matter

Whether the presidential betting odds favor the current Commander-in-Chief or the Democratic Candidate, bookies that use BossAction sportsbook software mustn’t worry. As a BossAction pay per head agent, you have access to a layoff account

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the Final Four, or the U.S. Presidential Election, the layoff account is a useful tool that allows you to ensure you don’t take a bath when one side is overplayed compared to another.

How can you use your layoff account effectively enough to ensure a profit on the U.S. Presidential Election? That’s tough because, unlike a football game, betting on the election is a moneyline wager.

Bookies don’t get juice or a fee. But they can still cut risk if players have over-bet one candidate in their sportsbook. They do that by making enough of a wager to cut potential losses. Make a wager in your layoff account on the overplayed candidate. If more money has been wagered on Biden, wager on Joe. If more money has gone to Trump, take a chance on Donald.

Wager as much as possible to keep your sportsbook healthy. Even wager the full amount to ensure you don’t lose money. You won’t make a profit, but sometimes, not losing money instead of going for home run profit is the best way to run a business. 

Offer BossAction free betting software and use the Agent Payment Solution.

If you haven’t yet signed up to become a BossAction agent, you should do it as soon as you can. Not only can you offer presidential election odds for president betting, but you can also provide two different live betting options. 

Live+ even offers video streams. There’s also the powerful Agent Payment Solution, or APS, where you can collect from your players or pay them online. The APS, like all of BossAction’s platforms and tools, is a mobile platform. If you sign-up now, you can participate in a top referral program and get up to 3-months for just $3 per head. Use the most powerful gambling software available to ensure your sportsbook’s success. 

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