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NCAAF Betting: Ohio State Ready to Shake Up National Championship Odds

When Ohio State begins their season on October 24, pay per head service agents should start marketing and keep an eye on NCAAF betting odds. 

Although bookmakers have attracted betting on NCAAF National Championship contenders, action on who wins the 2021 College Football title kicks up a notch starting on October 24. On that day, the best team in the Big Ten, and the best team in the nation based on more than one college football analyst, steps onto the field.

Once the Ohio State Buckeyes beat and cover against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, bookie software agents should expect a flood of wagers on OSU to win the National Championship. Already, without playing a game, the Ohio State Buckeyes are ranked sixth on the AP Poll. That makes Ohio State one of the top six teams most likely to grab a College Football Playoff berth.

Once there, Ohio State will be in an excellent position to win the title. The Buckeyes aren’t the only team that requires attention from bookmakers to hoist the championship trophy. The Clemson Tigers, the current number one team, and both the second and third teams, the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs, should also attract action.

A couple of other teams, North Carolina and Notre Dame may not attract as much. Reasons exist for why some teams listed in the current top six will garner bets on college football’s championship title and while some won’t. Let’s dive deeper into why pay per head agents should expect the following six teams to encourage bettors to make wagers while other contenders won’t.

Top 6 teams your players back to win the NCAAF Championship

Ohio State Buckeyes

Justin Fields returns, and that reason alone makes the Ohio State Buckeyes a College Football Playoff odds contender. The Buckeyes also have a great defense and an excellent offensive line. No team on Ohio State’s 8-game schedule should pose a challenge. Also, expect NCAAF betting to be fast and furious on Ohio State to cover the spread.   

Clemson Tigers

Clemson beat one of their top contenders to win the ACC, the Miami Hurricanes, 42-17, on October 10. The Tigers proved that even though Miami is a good football team, Clemson remains one of the best. The Tigers have a shot at knocking out a couple of other ACC and National Championship betting title contenders.

Alabama Crimson Tide

If Alabama beats Georgia on October 17, the Crimson Tide becomes an almost shoo-in to make the CFP. Only a loss to Georgia or Florida in the SEC Championship will derail the Tide’s chances. The victory on October 17 makes Bama one of the favorites, which means bookies may have to use sportsbook software to manage wagers on the Tide.  

Georgia Bulldogs

What goes for Alabama goes for rival Georgia. If the Bulldogs beat the Crimson Tide on October 17, per head agents can assume college football betting action to flow to UGA. Georgia has played great in their three wins. They’ve beaten a couple of ranked teams already in the Auburn Tigers and Tennessee Volunteers. Alabama in Week 7 is the acid test. A win over the Tide makes Georgia a National Title odds favorite.   

Penn State Nittany Lions

After Ohio State beats Nebraska, National Championship wagers will flow to the Buckeyes. But what happens if the Buckeyes lose to the Penn State Nittany Lions on Halloween, October 31? The Lions rank ninth on the AP Poll. A win over Ohio State puts Penn State into the driver’s seat to win the Big Ten East Division, making them a legit CFP title contender. 

Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have gotten stronger with each game they’ve played. Oklahoma State returns an experienced offense. The defense allows 9 points per game. Already, NCAAF betting wagers have gone to Oklahoma State.  

Eventually, players will realize that the Cowboys are a serious contender to win the Big 12 Championship and start making college title bets. If Oklahoma State can finish the season undefeated, they can beat Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, or any other team they face in the College Football Playoff.   

Three teams players disregard to win the college football title

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame plays an ACC schedule. They’ve also gone undefeated so far, which is why they rank fourth on the AP Poll. But the Fighting Irish must face Clemson on November 7. If any, few players who wager on college football believe the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will beat the Tigers.

North Carolina Tar Heels

The fifth-ranked team in the nation mustn’t play Clemson during the regular season. However, should they and Clemson go undefeated in conference play, the Heels are likely to face the Tigers in the ACC Championship. Like their feelings about Notre Dame, not many players believe North Carolina can beat the Clemson Tigers. 

Cincinnati Bearcats

The Associated Press ranks the Cincinnati Bearcats eighth in the nation. The Bearcats could go undefeated and it’s still unlikely the CFP Selection Committee will include the Bearcats in the playoff. Cincinnati could make the College Football Playoff if the committee decides to expand the four-team format to eight. But, even then, it isn’t easy seeing the Bearcats garnering a bid. The schedule is soft with a lone ranked team, SMU, left on the schedule. SMU is only ranked because neither the Big Ten nor the Pac-12 has started their seasons. 

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