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Success Starts with Your PPH Sportsbook Services Provider

Becoming a successful bookie isn’t as hard as you think. The most critical decision you make is your first. Which PPH sportsbook company should become my software provider? If you find the right per head service provider, there’s no question you’ll make money as an online sportsbook operator.

Cloud technology has changed so many industries. It’s impossible to keep track. People hoping to start online businesses now have a plethora of choices.

Most decide to start an eCommerce company, work in a freelance capacity, or become an independent contractor. One profession that has benefited from cloud technology, but most people don’t know a lot about, is online sportsbook operations.

Big data has made becoming a bookmaker easy. Even if you don’t know a lot about sports, you can run a successful bookmaking company online.

The best part of becoming a bookie is that you own your sportsbook, unlike other types of work. Your gambling site belongs to you. 

Pay per head companies provide bookie software you use to run your organization. We call them price per head companies because they charge you a flat rate per head.

If your players, or customers, make bets, you pay a flat rate, usually $10 to $13, for that player for that week. Your player could bet $25 or $2,000 during the week.

You only pay $10, $13, or whatever the promotional cost is. You pay no more than that for that player for the week.

Most gambling software is legacy, meaning it’s generations old. To become the most successful bookie agent you can, you must sign up with a company that can provide customized software for sportsbooks.

Before we get into that, we must define a few terms. The first term to describe? Bookie. If you don’t know what bookmakers do, you can’t decide to become one, and you won’t know how important it is to sign up with a PPH sportsbook company like BossAction.

Define what a bookie is

What is a bookie? How much do bookies make? These are questions that most people who hear about sportsbook operations ask.

The question is simple. Also, you already know what a bookie does. 

We use the term bookie to mean an individual or organization that provides bookmaking services. If you’ve ever bet on the Super Bowl in Vegas, you’ve made a bet through a bookie.

The Vegas sportsbook is a bookmaker organization. If an acquaintance booked Super Bowl bets for more than just you, your acquaintance is a local bookie. The online sportsbook that accepted the bet from you is an online bookie organization.

Basic sportsbook software 

Not all PPH sportsbook software is the same. There are a couple of types of bookmaking software. The first is basic, and the second is proprietary.

Many per head companies provide the basics, a sportsbook, a racebook, and a casino. The sportsbook could offer wagering on football, baseball, and basketball. But it won’t provide more than that. 

You don’t want to run your sportsbook on legacy software. None-upgraded software won’t help you compete. 

If players don’t see the sports option on your site on which they wish to wager, you could lose players. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by importing your players to an organization with proprietary software.

BossAction software advantages

BossAction has customized software. One of the most significant advantages we offer is our ability to help you create a sportsbook brand. 

We offer services where you can create a branded website. Branding is what separates companies like Apple from companies like Samsung and LG.

Another thing that separates an organization like Apple from Samsung? The South Korean-based smartphone company uses Google-owned Android software.

Apple uses its software, iOS. The Tim Cook run company cares so much about offering proprietary software it dumped chipmaker Intel for its chips.

Most PPH sportsbook software is legacy

Unless you partner with PayPerHead or BossAction, you are almost assuredly running your company on old, legacy software. The software is okay if all you want to do is provide your players the basics.

But if you upgrade to BossAction proprietary and customizable software, you can do the following in addition to allowing us to help you create your brand.

  • Increase action by 15% or more – Add Premium Casino, with the latest 3D games, Premium Live Dealer, with more blackjack tables, Premium Props, with all prop betting options, Premium Live+, with game trackers and video streams.
  • Agent Payment Solution – Make online payments and collections via the APS. Players can also deposit into their accounts with multiple banking methods.
  • Referral program – Make $100 right away and then 15% per month on referred friends’ deposits for up to a year.

The power of proprietary software allows us to upgrade when required. We also offer unparalleled oddsmaking agent advice via the BossAction blog page.

Our parent company, PayPerHead, sponsors Redz Reviews. Red posts bookie advice almost weekly. You can catch Red’s BossAction version on our Facebook page.  

BossAction acts as your partner, not just your service provider

Cloud technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to create all sorts of online businesses. One of the fastest-growing is for individual bookmakers to develop and run online sportsbooks.

PPH sportsbook technology isn’t all the same, though. Signing with a company or importing players to BossAction opens the door for more action, more profit and helps you become a more successful sportsbook operator.

Import players today to take part in our latest promotion. We run multiple promotions at the same time. Check out what we’ve got going on, and don’t forget that you can make extra cash via the BossAction referral program.