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Post Super Bowl LIV Report

Super Bowl LIV is finally in the books and there were many ups and downs for Boss Action bookies. 

Andy Reid and the rest of the newly crowned champions weren’t the only winners on Sunday night’s Super Bowl LIV, as sportsbooks took the overall win from the betting public in dramatic late-game fashion.

Chiefs mount another postseason comeback

First off, we have to talk about the game and what an explosive 4th quarter Kansas City had.  Once again, the Chiefs allowed a team in the playoffs to manhandle them off jump street only to come back and crush yet another squad’s dreams of a championship trophy. They certainly took their time this week, trailing 20-10 after three quarters and really giving their backers something to sweat about.  Patrick Mahomes looked more like an XFL scrub than the reigning NFL MVP after he managed zero touchdown passes and a pair of interceptions in the first 3 quarters of play. 

But, lo and behold, the kid did it again.

He pulled not only himself but his team, out of a sizable hole and managed to win another game by double digits.  This marks the first time in history that a team has been down by double digits in each playoff game, won all three by double digits and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. The Chief’s first in five decades. The Chiefs’ win ranks as the second-largest in Super Bowl history behind the Patriots and their bonkers 25 point resurrection against the Falcons.

The team managed 190 yards combined on their final three touchdown drives after mustering up just 175 yards total up until that point and really just blew the doors off the 49ers defense. 

At just 24 years and 138 days old, Patrick Mahomes becomes the youngest player to ever win the Pete Rozelle Trophy for Super Bowl LIV MVP and joins some guy named Tom Brady as the only other player to do so before the age of 25.

The significance of this comeback was massive for the betting markets and a big win for bookies.  Despite a large percentage of bets coming in on the Chiefs all week long, a lot of late money came in for the 49ers on Sunday.  This resulted in most big outlets reporting wins both on the moneyline and against the spread after a rough week of getting hammered by action on the Chiefs.

Mahomes Let’s Down Prop Bettors

While Mahomes and the Chiefs broke the hearts of many 49ers hopefuls, they are not the only group of bettors who have beef with the MVP this week.  Perhaps the biggest buzz coming from the betting community after Super Bowl LIV was for something that had no bearing on the actual game itself.  Heading into the opening whistle, Patrick Mahomes was a very popular bet to go over his rushing yards total which had fluctuated between opening at 27.5 and topping out at 36.5 yards. Things were looking great for the betting public with Mahomes having scampered for 44 total yards when the Chiefs got the ball back to end the game. Problem was, Mahomes took three consecutive knees for a loss of 15 yards and ruined many prop bettors evenings.  Coming away with just 29 yards on the night gave a huge L to anyone who didn’t get Mahomes at the 27.5-yard opening number.

Jeff Davis, the director of trading at Caesars stated that those 15 yards were close to a six-figure swing in favor of the house.

With a couple of hundred prop bets offered by various sportsbooks, Mahomes’ rushing total saw the most action and therefore ended up being a big win for the books with over 70% of the money on the over.  Hopefully, our Boss Action agents were on the right side of this play and enjoyed a late-game payday. 

Super Bowl LIV Props Review

We all know that many sports bettors love nothing better than to bet on Super Bowl props in the hopes of cashing in on a big underdog.  And like every year, some hit and many many more don’t.  Some of the more profitable game-related props to hit for bettors include:

  • Will the Opening Kick result in a touchback? (No +150)
  • Fourth-quarter to be the highest-scoring quarter (+175)
  • Mahomes to score a rushing touchdown (+280)
  • Kansas City Chiefs win by 7-12 points (+350)
  • Exactly six total touchdowns scored (+425)
  • Robbie Gould score first points (+450)
  • Damien Williams scores the last touchdown (+700)

Another significant sector of the Super Bowl market is those who bet on the more exotic props such as National Anthem length or whether the halftime show will feature any special guests.  This year was no different and saw a number of big plus money winners. First off, the color of Gatorade was predicted to be purple (+120) after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant or red (+300) due to each team having red uniforms.  But Andry Reid took an orange shower as the clock ran down, causing big at +750 for those who are into blindly betting the color of celebratory liquids.

Perhaps the most popular exotic is always the length of the national anthem performance at the top of the broadcast.  This year, Demi Lovato was chosen to give her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner and bettors we’re divided with the underpaying out +180 with the over heavily favored -200.  Many were betting based on her performance at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight in 2017 which lasted 2 minutes and 11 seconds.  Unfortunately for those wagering on past performances, Demi must have had plans to watch kickoff because her last note ended at the 1 minute 50-second mark and likely paid out quite well for those brave enough to lay serious money on her.

Rounding out this coverage of exotic betting lunacy relates to a rather controversial portion of the broadcast.  The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show.  The bet in question was whether or not Jennifer Lopez would show any ‘butt cleavage’.  Now, even before the game, there was much debate as to what constitutes butt cleavage. While I’m not sure anyone got a concrete answer, I think we can all agree that Jenny From the Block did indeed show some.  Seems oddsmakers thought the NFL was still wary of any provocative performances after the Janet Jackson debacle with odds set a +250 for her to skimp on fabric.  But, it seems new halftime show producer, Jay-Z, had other ideas and let J-Lo and Shakira do their thing.

We hope that all of our Boss Action bookie agents had a successful NFL regular season and playoff race.  If you have yet to make the move from your Pay Per Head provider or want to get started with your first clients, now is a great time to pull the trigger.  We are currently offering a promotion for new agents at just $3 per client for 3 weeks, plenty of time for us to show why we are the best in the game.  Give us a call at 1-800-339-4108 or visit our website at for more information about how you can get started with your personal sportsbook today.

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