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Online Bookie Operation

Boss Action pay per head services offer our customers a complete suite of online sportsbook tools to manage your independent bookie operation. 

Independent bookie operations and online bookie software are big topics of discussion in the current landscape of the sports betting industry. But what is it and how can the Average Joe get started? 

This article aims to educate new and prospective bookies on how to level up their sportsbook businesses with Boss Actions online bookie software.

What is Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software?

Pay Per Head services such as Boss Action allow anyone to become a private bookie, or anyone who is already a bookmaker, access to their very own personal online sportsbook to manage.  This allows private entities to offer the same overall features as a major online sportsbook such as live betting, competitive lines and a customizable website.  Perhaps best of all is the sheer number of games which Boss Action offers, included with their bookie software.  Traditionally independent operations had trouble covering a wide array of different events and were forced to limit the options which they offered clients.  Well with Boss Action, those days are long gone as we provide a website with thousands of sports betting options on any given day.  So you can toss those papers and pens out and grab your keyboard to bring your sportsbook onto the next level.  Now of course, not all of your clients will be playing dozens of games each day, but there will be some and that is where a service like Boss Action comes in handy.

Our services are equipped to handle the entire technical side of running a sportsbook, which allows you to spend more time growing your business and managing the players you currently have.

We offer a full menu of sports to offer your clients from the usual suspects of the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL all the way to Rugy, darts and eSports.  Along the way your clients can wager on motorsports, combat sports and golf.   Long story short, your players will access to wagering options which traditional private books just can’t reasonably offer.  Even better, if you want to bet on something you don’t see, reach out and we will see if we can accommodate your clients preferences.

We have heard many success stories which are based on our variety of games offered which gives players an experience which they really come away with positive feelings.  This will also make the more inclined to step out of their comfort zone and wager on something like Golf or Tennis when the slow season kicks in. 

So now that we’ve covered the basics, what are some of the advanced features Boss Action’s Pay Per Head software offer?

Automatic record keeping for your sportsbook operation

If you were one of the veterans booking in the days before the internet you can easily remember how hard the job was just keeping your books in order.  Between reams of binders and records, it really was half the job just putting pen to paper and organizing those stacks for easy finding.  While this was a key step, every minute you were buried in paperwork is another minute you aren’t spending on other aspects of the business or enjoying some free time.

At Boss Action our software allows our bookies the luxury of not having to worry about any of that ever again.  Our reports let you know exactly how you are doing, how your players are doing and if there are any issues which need addressing.  These reports are customizable and available whenever you need to review some key information.  You can happily use this extra time saved to grow your business, or just spend it working on your backswing at the local links.  Either way, time is money and at Boss Action we make sure you have plenty of both in your life.

TruLive@ Wagering Software

As any bookie knows, live betting is a great tool to not only appease your current clientele but also to garner new players for your sportsbook.  Finding a quality pay per head company that also offers elite live betting software is both paramount and difficult, but we’ve got you covered.   At Boss Action we are pleased to offer our agents a top-notch live wagering experience that they can offer to clients.  We call it TruLive® wagering and we guarantee your players will love it.

TruLive® wagering software allows players to bet live on each and every game which sets us apart from the average live betting options with other PPH services.  We allow our agents the opportunity to offer 100’s of live betting options across 80 unique sports leagues.  What makes this experience even better is the lack of third party platforms to deal with which eliminates annoying lag and ensures your and your clients are truly playing live.  We understand what it takes to keep your business growing and how to keep your players happy and TruLive® wagering takes care of both those goals with one stone.

APS® agent payment solution software for bookies

As we all know, cash flow is the lifeblood which keeps any business alive.  Here at Boss Action we have employed a number of agent payment solutions to ensure that your cash is always flowing and your clients are paid just as fast as you are. Our online bookie software allows for a number of distinct advantages when compared to our competitors.  One such feature we offer is instant transfers, both when paying or collecting..  This allows not only your players to make instant deposits, but also allows you to pay them just as quickly.  A real win win situation.  This is particularly useful when combined with the live betting function mentioned earlier.  Players can play more live if they have the ability to deposit money instantaneously on the fly, it just makes the whole experience that much more interesting.

So make payouts, accept deposits and collect winnings using the most diversified agent payment solution in the PPH industry.

More per head software features than you can shake a stick at

At Boss Action we currently offer more features than the competitors and are ever-growing the options offered.  Another useful tool is our real-time live sports ticket which allows players to easily bet NFL or NCAAF games play-by-play when used in conjunction with our TruLive@ wagering software.  As we all know, the more options a player has the more inclined they are to explore such options.  Essentially, give your players more to bet on and they likely will. 

Another key feature we offer is the ability to move lines in real-time for whatever reason you might have. While we do have experts working around the clock to bring you the best odds on board, sometimes you just want to mix things up.  Well with Boss Action, you can let your creativity run wild.  Adjust the spread lines for a particular game to garner more interest, change a game total to draw more attention there or make all the run lines 2.5 runs if you’re feeling sadistic. The point is, if you know what you are doing, this allows you to manipulate lines just like all other major sportsbooks to, in hopes of finding that extra edge.  

Casino gaming and horse race betting is important for every sportsbook; Boss Action also features a live casino and racebook which is available to clients of our Boss Action agents. While some of your clients might not be currently interested in these avenues, sports bettors are gamblers and are just a strong pitch away from becoming a casino player as well.

Boss Action’s turn-key online casino has a great mobile interface that allows customers to wager on slots and table games whenever and wherever they are.  Even better is the live dealer function which allows you to play cards at a table with a real live human dealer and other players from around the globe at the same online table.  This really lets the customer feel like the power is in their hands and gives them even more options of things to wager on at your sportsbook & casino.

Finally, the Boss Action online racebook allows you to offer odds as a bookie on live horse racing across North America.  This includes but is not limited to betting on The Triple Crown Races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes & Belmont Stakes) along with your favorite tracks nationwide.  This is such a key component as horse bettors are always clamoring for the easiest way to bet on the tracks and horses they like on any given night.  Here at Boss Action we understand this and accommodate you and your clients accordingly.

If you don’t already have a BossAction account, sign up as an agent today or call 1-877-531-7479 to speak with an account representative today to learn more about TruLive Wagering, Agent Payment Solutions, live casino, and all the other amazing benefits that come with being a BossAction Bookie Agent.

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