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Add Premium Digital Platforms and Boost Action

By adding prime digital platforms, bookies can increase action. Platforms like BossAction’s Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, Live+, and Player Props digital platforms can boost action by 15% or more. 

Nowadays, agents who wish to compete with larger online sportsbooks or with platform companies like those popping up in the United States must offer more than just betting on football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. International soccer, cricket, and even rugby have become popular options. 

Sports handicappers also like to make the occasional horse bet in racebooks. At the very least, sports betting software providers must also offer casino wagering. A sportsbook operator’s casino could end up providing close to 30% of their monthly action depending on the sports season.

Without a digital casino, horse racing, and the ability to offer sports options other than the big four, bookmakers will struggle to increase their footprint and make more money. Turning on the casino, and having a racebook option, is the least that bookies must do.

BossAction understands this, which is why at BossAction, we’re continually looking for ways for you to increase revenue and profit. We know that the more clients you sign and the more money you make, the more money we make. 

We now provide four pay per head premium digital platform options. Pay per head agents who use our software have said they’ve increased action by 15% or more. A 15% increase in wagering activity leads to profit that more than offsets each of these prime platforms’ costs. 

In this blog, we dive deep into each one of the platforms and why you should consider adding all four. The Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, Live+, and the Premium Player Props betting platforms offer your players advantages beyond the standard offerings.

But satisfying customer demand isn’t the only reason to add prime betting platforms. By adding a prime casino, upgraded live dealer, and a live betting platform with more features, agents create a full-fledged sportsbook organization that can compete with larger online sportsbooks.     

Why every pay per head agent requires more than a football, basketball, hockey, and baseball sportsbook

Not all gamblers are the same. Some prefer to make racebook wagers on horses. Others head to casinos, and still, others prefer to make bets on sports other than football, baseball, hockey, and basketball.

The two most wagered upon leagues in the world both play soccer. The Champions League and the English Premier League attract more action than the NFL and college football combined.

Even though most U.S. players look for sports betting tips and study football competitions, soccer has shown rising enthusiasm in the states.

Because of that, it’s vital for pay per head agents to offer everything a non-pph sportsbook offers, including casino betting, live dealer, and in-game wagering. BossAction provides sports options on any sport, even if it’s darts, pool, or bowling, on which a player may want to wager. 

Agents can also turn on the racebook, live dealer, and digital casino. All three help agents increase action. The only way to grow and gain more profit is through increased gambling activity, which is why every per head agent must include betting market options on games, leagues, teams, and sports beyond the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.   

There’s nothing wrong with BossAction standard betting platforms

At BossAction, we want to clarify that our standard digital platforms are just as powerful, more so in many ways than platforms from other pay per head companies. We’re confident in writing that we’re the only organization that offers the Agent Payment Solution (APS®).

The APS allows agents to fund their accounts through various banking methods, including credit and debit cards. Players can fund their accounts through the same banking methods. The first goal for any per head sportsbook is to find a way to collect and pay players.

All BossAction platforms can be tied to the Agent Payment Solution, meaning players must never contact you to fund their accounts. If they wish to play the ponies, they put money into the same account they wanted to play on the live dealer platform.

But for most agents, offering standard platforms isn’t enough. It’s tough to grow a sportsbook operation without enticing new players. It’s also tough to make more money if the only players you sign concentrate on football and basketball betting.  

With prime digital platforms, you can score 15% more action from each

Premium platforms boost action. Boosting action leads to more profit. Check out a list of the four premium platforms you can add to your suite of digital platform betting options. 

  • Premium Casino – You mustn’t compete with the largest online sportsbooks. It’s essential to keep your current client base happy, though. It’s also necessary if you wish to gain new casino players. By adding the BossAction Premium Casino, you can offer the same 3D slot machine games like Primal Hunt, Mr. Vegas, Golden Horns, and Take Olympus that larger casinos provide. You can also provide updated digital versions of craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. 
  • Premium Live Dealer – The BossAction Premium Live Dealer platform provides more blackjack tables. Why is that important? When your sports bettors head to live dealer, they do so to play blackjack. Players become disenchanted when they must wait for an open seat. Not only that, but the B.A. prime live dealer casino has actual, real dealers. When we say “live,” we mean live. 
  • Live+ – If you’re like most agents, you know your in-game betting platform encourages a lot of action. When you add Live+ to your current in-game offerings, you immediately increase action. Live+ provides game trackers and video streams. Don’t give players a reason to ditch your sportsbook for someone else. Make sure they spend all their time in your book. With game trackers and video streams, players have no reason to jump ship.  
  • Premium Player Props – We’re going to write a blog about the Premium Player Props platform. Make sure to keep an eye out for that. Why? It’s impossible to describe how powerful the player props platform is in a single paragraph. Our current agents sent us smiley faces about all the action it attracted in its first week. 

The only way to make money running a sportsbook is to attract betting action. The best way to attract betting action and the best way to keep players wagering with you is to offer anything and everything on which a player can bet.

During the pandemic, we saw a 40% overall live dealer wagering rise. Some of our agents have witnessed an over 20% rise in action after adding the Live+ platform.

Depending on your customers, you could see a 15% to 20% rise in action overall and possibly an above 20% rise in action on a single platform. Make sure to add BossAction prime platforms. 

Sign up with BossAction and pay $3 per head from now until Super Bowl LV

We must mention that by adding an upgraded platform, you become a more flexible bookie. You decide on which platform, standard or premium, your players can access. If your player makes a ton of in-game bets, put them on Live+. 

If they don’t, keep them on Standard Live. If you see a player getting cozy with a specific live dealer, switch the player to the other live dealer casino. Flexibility alone is an excellent reason to consider adding pay per head BossAction Premium Digital Platforms. 

If you haven’t imported your players to BossAction, you should do so as soon as possible. To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering a $3 per head until Super Bowl LV promo. The promo gives you a chance to check out our sportsbook software. It gives your players a chance to check out our digital platforms. 

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