You are currently viewing NFL Football 2023 Week 18 Preview

NFL Football 2023 Week 18 Preview

NFL Football 2023 Week 18 Preview. We’re already at the last week of the regular season. Twelve teams have no chance of making the playoffs, while only nine teams have clinched a playoff spot. Week 18 has 11 teams still vying for a spot, making it an exciting weekend for fans and bookies alike.

Week 18 NFL Schedule and Lines

Saturday, January 6

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) at Baltimore Ravens (13-3) Steelers (-3.5, 37.5)
  • Houston Texans (9-7) at Indianapolis Colts (9-7) Colts (-1, 47.5)

Sunday, January 7

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7) at Tennessee Titans (5-11) Jaguars (-3.5, 40.5)
  • Minnesota Vikings (7-9) at Detroit Lions (11-5) Lions (-4, 44.5)
  • Atlanta Falcons (7-9) at New Orleans Saints (8-8) Saints (-3.5, 36.5)
  • New York Jets (6-10) at New England Patriots (4-12) Patriots (-2.5, 33.5)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8) at Carolina Panthers (2-14) Buccaneers (-5.5, 37.5)
  • Cleveland Browns (11-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (8-8) Bengals (-4.5, 39.5)
  • Chicago Bears (7-9) at Green Bay Packers (8-8) Packers (-3, 44.5)
  • Dallas Cowboys (11-5) at Washington Commanders (4-12) Cowboys (-13.5, 48.5)
  • Denver Broncos (8-8) at Las Vegas Raiders (7-9) Raiders (-2.5, 37.5)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) at New York Giants (5-11) Eagles (-6, 45.5)
  • Seattle Seahawks (8-8) at Arizona Cardinals (4-12) Seahawks (-3.5, 47.5)
  • Los Angeles Rams (9-7) at San Francisco 49ers (12-4) 49ers (-3.5, 42.5)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (10-6) at Los Angeles Chargers (5-11) Chargers (-1.5, 35.5)
  • Buffalo Bills (10-6) at Miami Dolphins (11-5) Bills (-3, 49.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

With Baltimore’s dominant wins over the 49ers and Dolphins, it’s clear which team is the best in the league and which quarterback is the top MVP contender by far. Lamar Jackson’s odds are -9000.

Pittsburgh’s odds of making the playoffs are also good. They stand at +130 and depend on them beating Baltimore Saturday and Miami winning against Buffalo Sunday night. Baltimore’s coach, John Harbaugh, has not confirmed if he’ll be sitting his starters, but it doesn’t make sense to risk any injuries since they’ve already clinched the AFC title. The Steelers are favored but watch for the line changes as we learn which Ravens players will be sitting.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

The Panthers only have two wins this season, which is why the Buccaneers are 5.5-point favorites. Carolina already traded their No. 1 draft pick to Chicago to get quarterback Bryce Young. That didn’t turn out so well. So winning or losing doesn’t help them at all.

Tampa Bay needs to win this game, which will give them the division title. It’s the only way they can get into the playoffs. The Bucs could have sealed the division title in their last game against the Saints, but they lost at home, 23-13. Prior to that, they were on a four-game winning streak.

Tampa Bay buckled under the pressure that they had to win against the Saints. But near the end of the game, Baker Mayfield hit some bombs downfield to make it a game again.

The Bucs should be able to pull it off, as they have all the motivation to win, and Carolina has none. Keep your limits in, as this could be a blowout.

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

Both teams have a slim chance to make the playoffs. The winner of this game can win the division title only if Carolina can beat Tampa Bay. The Saints did a great job of beating Tampa Bay last Sunday, but it may be a case of being too little, too late.

The Falcons have not played consistently and have the biggest hill to climb. Their odds are +710 to make the playoffs, while New Orleans is +250.

The Saints have won three of their last four games to reach this point. Quarterback Derek Carr has had three outstanding games in a row, throwing eight touchdown passes and only one interception in those games. He should be able to keep that winning streak going against the Falcons.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

The Vikings all but sealed their fate when they were crushed by the Packers 33-10 in Week 17. They still have a chance, but it starts with them winning against Detroit, then a whole lot of help from other teams to lose. I know. That’s somewhere between slim and none.

Detroit is great at home and could easily win this game if they played their starters. They have a slight chance of getting the No. 2 seed, but is it worth risking injuring your starters for the playoffs? They can’t do worse than the No. 3 slot. Detroit clinched their first division title since 1993 and are tied with the Cowboys and Eagles for the NFC’s second-best record, 11-5.

The Lions might be motivated to end the season on a winning note after how their last game ended—just saying. Watch for movement on this line as we learn if the starters are sitting this one out.

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