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U.S. Presidential Betting Odds Tighten

Odds on U.S. Presidential Election betting have tightened. Do the trends point to money flowing to Trump, Biden, or both as we careen towards November 3?

In July, odds on the U.S. Presidential Election had Joe Biden at -160 to take the White House. As we approach the final month before the first Tuesday in November, Trump’s odds have gone down to -105 while Biden is at -120. The betting odds show that most wagers have gone towards Trump.

But the trend doesn’t mean that Trump continues to garner the most action. There’s a chance that after the debates, Biden becomes an even stronger favorite or Trump becomes the outright chalk to win another four years.

Certain upcoming events will determine if the Presidential Election’s odds lean towards Joe Biden or Donald Trump. As pph sportsbook agents, we should pay attention to the following to discover the best way to manage our U.S. Presidential betting handle.

Trump announces Supreme Court Justice nominee to fill RGB’s seat on Sep. 26

The President will announce a nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on Saturday, Sep. 26. The top two candidates are Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa. Either would fire up Trump’s Republican base, which makes the following the real question to answer. 

How will the Democrats respond to either choice?

It doesn’t matter whom Trump chooses to fill RGB’s seat. The Democrats must tread carefully. They can’t make it out that they hate the person simply because Trump made a choice. If the Democrats give the nominee the Brett Kavanaugh treatment, expect U.S. Presidential bets to flow to Donald Trump. 

If, though, the Dems decide to play nice and accept the outcome, who knows? That could be a sign that Biden and the Dems want to add more decorum to the entire political process, which, in theory, makes Joe look like a better candidate than Donald.

No matter who Trump chooses, many people will be disappointed. It may even cause riots, which, if Biden wants to win in November, the former VP must denounce. The way the Dems and Biden react to Trump’s choice, and the nomination process in the Senate, will go a long way to determine which candidate receives more betting on U.S. President dollars.

Presidential Debates on Sep. 29, Oct. 15, and Oct. 2

If anyone ever asks you, “what is a bookie” point them to what happened on Sep. 30, Oct. 16, and Oct. 23 in 2020. Bookie professionals know that players react to information. The most critical information when it comes to sports, like football or basketball, is injury information.

When it comes to U.S. Politics betting, the essential information, at least for the 2020 Presidential Election, happens during the three debates. The first debate is on Sep. 29, the second on Oct. 15, and the third on Oct. 22.

You mustn’t watch the debates. It will be difficult for anybody to pay attention to the Orange Menace and Sleepy Joe duke it out for 90-minutes. Neither is known as a great orator. Cicero, they are not. So, don’t put yourself through the pain unless you want to watch.

All pay per head agents should read the comments on who won the debate, though. Also, check the highlights. Who flubbed an answer? Which candidate offended the most? Who appeared more lost, or more tired, or more unprepared?

Those are important questions. The next day, the person who won the debate figures to gain the most betting dollars. To ensure you don’t take a sportsbook hit, change U.S. Presidential Election betting odds to reflect where you believe the action will flow.

Boost US Presidential Betting with a Super Bowl to Commander-in-Chief Parlay

The Presidential Election in the United States happens once every four years. That makes it the perfect vehicle for a unique parlay promoted wager. Players call bookie agents all the time looking for special promotions.

A Super Bowl 55 to Commander-in-Chief moneyline future parlay makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want to brag to their fellow bettors about how they not only made money wagering on Trump or Biden, but they won a parlay with the 2021 Super Bowl winner?

If you do offer a parlay like this, make it for credit. So, if the person wins the parlay, you add a $200 credit to their account. Also, attach a rollover to the credit. Something like a 5x rollover makes sense.

A rollover means the player must wager the $200 at least five times, that’s $1,000 in wagers, before making a withdrawal. How do you keep track of how much the player has wagered? Use BossAction bookie software to view player reports. Then, once the player has satisfied the rollover, pay them with the Agent Payment Solution. 

The APS is one of the reasons bookies should import players to BossAction. It’s the only system that allows for online payments and deposits. It’s the perfect payment system for this NFL Season and U.S. Presidential betting.