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Should Agents Rethink Limits on March Madness Futures?

March Madness has just about arrived, so today we’ll look at futures betting. The yearly college basketball craziness is on every online bookie’s doorstep. Already, agents should have switched their thinking from football to college hoops.

Switching your thinking means offering wagers on which college basketball team wins the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Often, we suggest assigning max betting limits on future bets. That’s the conservative approach when it comes to future betting.

Should per head agents go the opposite way when it comes to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?

Current College Basketball March Madness Futures Odds

Michigan State                        5/1

Villanova                                6/1

Virginia                                   7/1

Duke                                       8/1

Purdue                                     10/1

Arizona                                   14/1

Ohio State                               14/1

Cincinnati                               16/1

Xavier                                     18/1

Above, are the below 20/1 odds on teams to win the Men’s College Basketball National Championship. The favorite this week are the Michigan State Spartans at 5/1. Last week’s favorites were the Villanova Wildcats at 5/1. The pre-season favorites were the Duke Blue Devils at 5/1.

The odds above imply that no one, not oddsmakers, not sports bettors, know for sure who will win the 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship. The parity in college hoops requires a favorite of no greater than 5/1.

This lack of conviction is the first reason pay per head agents should rethink limits on March Madness Futures. Other reasons to rethink betting limits are listed here:

Lots of basketball left to play – Seedings for the 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament haven’t been set. What it means is that a team like Michigan State, who is currently at 5/1, could end up with a tough seed sending their odds higher. Once bettors lock into odds, those are their odds.

Upsets invariably happen in the NCAA Tournament – In the past few seasons, a number 1, or number 2 seed has won the NCAA Tournament. The favorite to win the NCAA Tournament at tournament tip-off almost never wins. If casual players dump on the favorite, like they often do, that could lead to massive profits in your sportsbook.

Dogs almost never win the NCAA Tournament – What this means is that underdog teams, like Xavier at 18/1, Arizona at 14/1, Ohio State and Cincinnati, almost never win the NCAA Tournament. Xavier’s, Arizona’s, Ohio State’s, and Cincinnati’s odds are too good to ignore. That means bettors must look to those teams when thinking of making a March Madness Futures bet.

Make no mistake, rethinking betting limits on March Madness Futures comes with some risk. Just because dogs don’t often win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, it doesn’t mean that a dog won’t win this year’s NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Raising betting limits might off-set any risk due to increased action overall, though.

In any case, it’s something for online bookie agents to consider. Right now, agents can get the Premium Plan for $6.50 per head. That’s another thing to consider. Signing up for the Premium Plan could increase revenue and profit big time. Call a rep at 888-978-0488 for more details.