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How Smart Bookie Agents Protect Post Super Bowl Profits

Super Bowl 52 is in the books. What a crazy Super Bowl! By utilizing their layoff accounts most per head agents should have made a killing on the vig, so now we look at how to protect those big Super Bowl profits. Those agents whom didn’t utilize their layoff accounts, like some Vegas sportsbooks, took a big hit.

Hopefully, you aren’t one of those agents. Also, the hope is that you set up max betting limits on the +160 Eagles to upset the Patriots on the money line. This blog assumes that you set up your sportsbook for success. Now that you’ve made a ton of profit on Super Bowl 52, how do you protect that profit?

Super Bowl 52 Betting Recap

Below, are the final odds for Super Bowl 52:

Over/Under Total  49.5

Philadelphia Eagles +4.5 vs New England Patriots -4.5

Money line:  Eagles +160

The dog had it in this year’s Super Bowl. The public was all over the Eagles as soon as the line was set at Philly +5.5. Casual bettors bet Philly down to a +4.5 dog. Then, pro bettors did just enough for the line to maintain +4.5 on the Eagles. What that tells per head agents is that this is one of those football games where casual players and pro players agreed.

What happened? The Eagles came out big time winners. They beat the New England Patriots straight up 41 to 33.

Ways to Protect Profits

Because you utilized your layoff account, you should have profited off the vig. If you set max betting limits on the Eagles at +160 on the money line, you should have also profited.

How do you protect Super Bowl profits? Easy, turn Super Bowl profits into Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Then, you should consider cold storage for your Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you haven’t made an initial Bitcoin or Ethereum deposit, make sure to do that right away. You’ll get a 5% rebate. Once you’ve switched to Bitcoin or Ethereum, that’s when you take out your Super Bowl 52 profits.

If your Super Bowl 52 profits have been established in some type of digital currency, you can then transfer the keys associated with your profits onto a hard drive, thumb drive, or even a CD. A better idea might be to transfer those profits to a digital currency wallet.

You can do whatever you want with your digital currency wallet. My suggestion is to put your digital currency wallet into a safe deposit box at a bank. Online bookie agents that follow this method might have thousands of dollars in Bitcoin or Ethereum, all on cold storage digital currency wallets, after 2 to 3 Super Bowls.

Not a bad way to ensure a nest egg from your online sportsbook business, right?

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