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Online Bookies Tip: Increase March Madness Betting With TV Listings

The second most important sports betting event of the year is upon us. March Madness begins on Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16. The 64-Team NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is a boon to online bookie agents. But, how do online bookie agents take advantage of the interest in March Madness betting?

One good way is to concentrate on TV listings. Below, see why.

Mach Madness Betting – TV Listings Are Gold

That’s not an understatement. TV listings are gold because TV listings tell you exactly when the most interesting March Madness games take place. Every March Madness game takes place on a CBS owned network. In addition to CBS, the networks that will display March Madness games for Round 1 and round 2 are:  TNT, TBS, and truTV.

Why are TV Listings gold? It’s all about running specific promotions.

How to Promote March Madness Games via TV Listings

What’s great about March Madness is that per head agents know exactly which set of games will be broadcast on each network. That gives savvy pay per head agents the ammunition to promote blocks of college hoops games.

Check out an example of how to do this:

CBS broadcasts the following games, one right after another, all day on Thursday, March 15.

Midwest Region

#10 Oklahoma vs #7 Rhode Island

#15 Iona vs #2 Duke

South Region

#12 Davidson vs #5 Kentucky

#13 Buffalo vs #4 Arizona

To utilize TV listings to drub interest on games, all you must do is run a promotional parlay with all CBS broadcast games on Thursday, March 15. Offer an incentive for sports bettors to bet this specific parlay.

An incentive mustn’t be higher odds on the parlay. It could be wagering credits, which most sports bettors might prefer, or, it could be casino credits, a free $10 wager on the Kentucky Derby, or even something as simple as a coupon to a chain restaurant.

Get creative and see where it takes you. You can run different promotion for different blocks of televised games. Maybe, you offer a free NASCAR bet for a promoted parlay of games that TBS televises on Friday, March 16. A couple of TBS televised March Madness games take place in North Carolina, the birthplace of NASCAR.

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