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Top 3 Pay Per Head Tools for March Madness

The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament should provide huge profits for most every online bookie agent. The great thing about being a BossAction agent is that 24-7 provides the very best PPH tools. Agents will find value in most per head tools during March Madness.

We’ve pulled out 3 of the most important pay per head March Madness tools. Keep reading to discover why these 3 tools are imperative to protecting and gaining profit during the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

Top 3 Pay Per Head Tools for March Madness

BossAction Mass Editing Tool

A year-round important tool for agents is the mass editing tool. What the mass editing tool allows agents to do is to make mass edits for every client that they provide betting services too. That’s a long way of saying that with the mass editing tool, you can make mass changes.

One of the mass changes you must make during March Madness with this tool is to set max betting limits on all money line bets. No agent should take the chance of a massive underdog beating a favorite on the money line. In the NCAA Tournament, huge underdogs beat favorites all the time.

11 Xavier beat 2 Arizona in Round 2 last season. Arizona was favored by over 7 points in that game. Xavier was at least a +300 dog. +300 isn’t bad until you realize that for every $500 bet on Xavier to beat Zona, the pay out was $1,500 or more.

Boss Pay Per Head Line Mover

Any per head agents that haven’t signed up for BossAction’s Premium Plan should do so right away. The line mover is essential during March Madness. It’s important to change betting lines per your individual sportsbook, not based on Vegas changing betting lines.

If, for example, you want more action on Duke versus someone like Davidson, make Duke a lower odds favorite. Don’t worry if Vegas has gotten no action on Davidson ATS versus Duke. You make decisions based on your business.

Boss Pay Per Head Layoff Account

Often, we encourage agents to do anything possible before going to their layoff accounts. The reason why is because agents can’t afford to only profit off the vig (juice) the way that Las Vegas sportsbook can.

But in the case of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, it’s important to utilize your layoff account if you must. Don’t hesitate to do so. Why? You’re not a better handicapper than any of your best players. That’s why you’re the bookie and they’re the players. Also, the lack of information means that whatever reason you have for not using your layoff account is countered by you possibly not having as much information as your players have.

It must be repeated that the only way to access the line mover is by signing up for the Premium Plan. Right now, is offering their Premium Plan for $6.50 per head. Call a Boss Pay Per Head rep at 888-978-0488 with questions.