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Bookie Insights: Benefits of Hiring a Sub Agent Basketball Expert

March is here.  That means online bookie agents must switch gears. While promoting NHL, college basketball, and NBA betting on a weekly basis makes sense, March Madness requires agents to spend more time promoting college hoops than anything else.

For agents that are used to promoting college basketball betting, no worries. But, what about agents who primarily promote football betting? Hiring a sub agent basketball expert might be smart.

Why a Sub Agent Basketball Expert?

The NFL and college football remains a huge part of an agent’s yearly revenue. That doesn’t have to be the case. Many pay per head agents must only hire a sub agent basketball expert to increase action on college hoops.

For some agents, hiring a subagent basketball expert during March Madness is an absolute must. Check out how a subagent basketball expert can help you increase college basketball betting action.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Sub Agent Basketball Expert

  1. Sub agent hoops’ experts are, well, hoops experts

It’s important to hire subagents that are better at doing things that you’re not so good at doing. If all you know is horse racing, you’ll want to hire, at the very least, a football betting expert. If you are a football betting expert (most agents fall into this category), you must hire a basketball betting expert.

The NCAA Tournament is the second most wagered upon sporting event in the world. It makes sense that per head agents would want to hire an expert to help them promote the NCAA Tournament.

  1. Most sub agent basketball experts bring a book of business

Most sub agents have a book business.  That’s one of the reasons bookie agents become master agents. If you’re primarily a football betting agent, hiring a sub agent with a book of business that mainly includes basketball bettors could lead to huge profit.

  1. A sub agent basketball expert allows you to promote other sports

Hiring a sub agent basketball expert allows you to promote other sports. While March Madness takes up most sports bettors’ time, NHL betting action mustn’t take a hit. Neither must MLB futures betting action, boxing and MMA, soccer betting, NASCAR betting, or golf betting.

An online bookie agent’s goal should be to build every revenue stream, not just football and college basketball. The goal is to run a sports betting business with zero down time.

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