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Best Online Sports Betting Bookie Management Tips

The 2021-2022 NFL and NCAAF seasons have kicked off. Soon, both the NHL and NBA will begin their seasons. So will college basketball. With so much action likely to land into your sportsbook in the next few months, it makes sense to revisit the best online sports betting bookie tips.

Agents know that before they can become a successful bookie, they must first create a functional sportsbook. If a sportsbook doesn’t run efficiently, pay per head agents won’t make money.

Agents can lose money if they aren’t efficient, so choosing the right sportsbook platform software is always the first step in creating a profitable PPH sportsbook. Agents who have used multiple vendors understand that not all price per head software is the same.

Experienced bookies who have switched sportsbook software vendors have that in the back of their minds. It constantly gnaws at them because it’s challenging to know which software is best.

One good technique to figuring out which sportsbook applications company is better than another is to think like a player. Sports bettors gravitate to the best online sports betting systems and platforms.

Thinking like a sports bettor accomplishes a couple of things. First, it’s always a good idea to understand your customer.

Second, by thinking like your customer, you can begin to assess your per head partner’s bookie agent management software. Doing so will lead to your sportsbook becoming more efficient and making more money. 

Best online sports betting bookie management tips

There are a couple of ways a bookie manages a sportsbook. The first is to manage actual online sports betting action. The second is to manage betting sports online from a marketing standpoint.  

Top 5 Tips – Managing Action  

  • Become an oddsmaking expert – Oddsmaking isn’t easy. But to correctly identify lousy spread lines and whether or not you should use your layoff account, you must become an expert at oddsmaking. Then, you can change your lines, take lines off the board, or lay off bets. 
  • Set wagering limits – One of BossAction’s top features is to allow agents to set betting limits. Agents can set boundaries that protect profit and keeps them from losing money.
  • Set payout limits – Like setting limits on how much a player can bet, agents can also impose limits on how much a player can win. Setting payout limits is especially helpful for horse racing bets where odds are much higher than they are on sports options. 
  • Set up bet alerts for specific players – Every agent knows who their top players are. It’s best to set up bet alerts for those players. Once the player makes a bet, the bet alert pings bookies, the agent can then decide to use the layoff account, accept the wager, or not accept.
  • Use reseller tools to manage subs – BossAction is one of the few pay per head organizations that provide reseller tools. The reseller package is a specific suite of software that allows you to manage your sub-agents. Managing subs helps everyone make more money. 

Top 5 Tips – Marketing

The best online sports betting management process includes marketing. Operations, running your sportsbook, and selling, marketing your sportsbook, work together. Check out the top 5 marketing tips for you to create a profitable bookmaking operation. 

  • Promote payment integration – The BossAction Agent Payment Solution allows you to make online payments and collect online. Paying players online via multiple methods, including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, will enable players to utilize their winnings without delay.
  • Promote Premium Casino – In the Premium Casino, players can wager on the latest BetSoft games. Not all pay per head site providers offer BetSoft 3D games. Make sure your customers know that you do. 
  • Promote Premium Props – The National Basketball Association Season and the National Football League Season overlap. Players love to wager on quarter lines and halftime lines. They also like to back football and basketball star performers. With Premium Props, players can bet on how many points Kevin Durant scores in a game or how many yards plus touchdowns Tom Brady throws. 
  • Promote Live Plus – BossAction agents can access two different in-game betting platforms. Standard Live is a decent platform. But if you want to keep players on your site longer, offer Live Plus. The excellent platform provides your players game trackers and video streams. The longer players stay on your site, the more money they bet.
  • Promote your top line sportsbook – BossAction agents can create any level of player-site. Whatever an offshore sportsbook or even a U.S.-based book can offer, you can provide. Make sure players understand that although you’re their bookie, you run as robust of an internet-based sportsbook as much larger organizations.    

Don’t forget these under the radar best online sports betting bookie tips

In addition to what we’ve listed above, consider these online sportsbook management tips. 

    • Favorite reports – BossAction’s new user interface allows you to favorite the reports you access the most. Doing so will help speed up your bookmaking process.  
    • Follow specific players – Agents know which of their players provides the most action. Without action, you make no money. Make sure to follow your best players so you are aware of what bets they’re making.  
  • Turn the racebook on for specific events only – The racebook can destroy your sportsbook operation. Expert horseplayers are always looking for opportunities. Let players bet in the racebook only on events like the Kentucky Derby and  Breeders’ Cup.  
  • Run well-thought-out contests – A great way to build your sportsbook brand is to create a community. One way to do that is to offer wagering contests. Who doesn’t like to participate in an NFL survivor contest? Before telling your players about the betting competition, make sure to think it through. Don’t offer a prize that will hurt your book. Wagering credits are best. So think along those lines.  
  • Create a Reddit sportsbookMost forms of social media continue to look down on the sports betting industry. But Reddit doesn’t. Market your sportsbook on Reddit. Invite players to your page. Doing so will boost your brand and develop your sportsbook’s community.  

Easily import players to BossAction and start making more money

We know the biggest headache when it comes to changing vendors is taking your players with you. Because we know this, we make it easy to import players from your current software provider to BossAction.

All you must do is give us a call. We’ll handle everything for you. In most cases, your players can start wagering within an hour or less. 

We also run the most bookie-friendly referral program in the industry. For every one of your referred friends that starts a book with us, we’ll pay you 15% of their monthly deposits for up to a year.

There’s no cap on how many friends you can refer. If you sign-up soon, you pay $3 per head from the moment you activate your account to Super Bowl 56 on February 13, 2022. Call us at 1-800-339-4108 for details. 

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