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Your Book Is One of the Best Sports Betting Apps Available

If you’re a bookie using BossAction betting software, you have one of the best sports betting apps available. You’re not only rivaling the large betting apps, but you’re also able to compete against the large online gambling sites. 

Compare your BossAction sportsbook to any of the betting apps available to players on the internet. Many of them have all the top sports leagues, betting plays, and casinos. They might even have secure payment systems. 

But they have one problem they can’t get past. They can’t make any changes or concessions for their players. Everything is automatic and set in stone, so it’s difficult to break any rules for one player. They can’t make changes or give someone a break on payment. 

In other words, there’s no personal touch. There’s just customer service to answer your players’ questions or deal with their issues. 

Top Online Sportsbooks

If you look at reviews of DraftKings and FanDuel betting apps, you’ll see that they have everything a betting sports fan or casino fan wants. 

DraftKings is one of the top-rated sportsbooks on the internet. They provide the major sports leagues and have features like live betting, live streaming, daily fantasy, and early cash-out. 

To entice players to join, they have sign-up bonuses and ongoing promotions and bonuses. They even have loyalty bonuses to keep you from going to another betting site.

FanDuel is also a highly-rated sportsbook. It has a number of bonus offers to bring in new players and keep them loyal, just as DraftKings does. Along with their sign-up, loyalty, and ongoing bonuses, they have a parlay bonus. It’s an excellent way to introduce parlay bets to novice players. 

They both carry all the top sports and leagues, live streaming options, and have safe and easy banking. But they do have limited options for cashing out. 

All of the top betting apps compete on bonuses and payout speed to bring people in. There’s not much else to differentiate them. If you don’t like one of them, you simply move to another. There’s no loyalty or personal connection to keep you there. 

How You Compete as a BossAction Agent

Your Book Is One of the Best Sports Betting Apps Available

That’s where you are different as a BossAction agent. You can compete with all the best sports betting apps on the internet because you have all the major sports leagues just as they do. You even have lesser-known leagues and less popular sports. 

With BossAction, you can even bet on non-sport activities like the Oscars or even politics. There are 80+ leagues for your players to choose from. Just like the top internet betting sites, we have live-streaming, in-game, and props betting to keep your players on the edge of their seats for the entire game. 

Plus, there’s a full online casino with premium 3D games and live dealers. No online betting app has anything better than that. 

How the Top Online Sportsbooks Differentiate Themselves

All of the online sportsbooks have to discuss their payout speed because it’s a significant concern for players. How quickly they can take out their money can be a deciding factor for many players. As a BossAction bookie, this is something you can decide on as a policy. Or you can simply work with the needs of each of your players. 

So, you see? Those big online betting apps have nothing on you. All you have to do to stand out from all of them is to give your players the personal touch. Players would rather work with a bookie than have to deal with a detached voice from customer service. 

Getting to know your players and working with them will encourage loyalty on their part. That’s something those big books can only do by using bonuses. 

How BossAction Stands Out 

Your Book Is One of the Best Sports Betting Apps Available

But even with that significant advantage, we’ve got one more ace up our sleeve. Our payment system is unique in the industry. We accept cryptocurrencies just like everyone else. We also accept other forms of payment like credit and debit cards, MoneyGram, and eCheck. Our big difference is that our payment system is built right into our software. 

Your players don’t have to use an outside system when making deposits into their accounts. It’s all done in our software. It’s easy, fast, discrete, and secure. 

We use 128-bit encryption to protect your players’ data. That’s the same security standard that banks use for their online money transfers. Once your players get used to the ease and flexibility of making deposits on our system, they’ll never go anywhere else. 

And that’s just the players’ side of the equation. That will help you bring in the best players who enjoy the variety and quality of sports and casino games. They can place hundreds of bets each game. 

But on the agent side, BossAction sportsbook software has all the tools to make your book run smoothly and efficiently so that you can make more money with less effort. But I’ll save all that information for another article. 

Don’t let those big betting sites intimidate you. Let your players know that you not only have all the features and options that the big sites do, you also have the personal touch and a payment system second to none. 

If you’re not a BossAction agent yet, click here and get started right away. Your players will thank you by bringing you more action and more money.

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