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Best Sports Betting Strategies for Bookies: How Your BossAction Software Leads to Profit

One of the most important aspects of being a bookie is understanding sports betting strategies. Bookmakers can use their BossAction tools to profit by understanding the best sports betting systems. 

Different players use different betting strategies. Some prefer to follow stats, others follow betting trends, and still, others rely on tout services.

As a bookie agent, your goal is to provide betting platforms that allow your players to wager on the sport of their choice. That doesn’t mean that you must give every possible sports option. 

It does mean that you must provide as many options as your competitors. It also means that to profit, you must know the sports betting strategies your players use to make profitable wagers. 

Check out a list of those strategies. Then, we discuss the BossAction tools and features you can use to ensure you run a profitable sportsbook.    

Players’ Best Sports Betting Strategies

Statistical Strategies

There are two types of stats analysis. The first type is traditional statistical analysis, such as how many touchdowns Tom Brady has thrown in a season or Josh Allen’s yards per carry average or yards per completion average.

Those types of stats are available to everyone. Other stats, which require some research, are only available to sports bettors who research.

Other stats lead to the following sports betting strategy, trend betting. Betting based on trends has become the choice among most tout services and many professional handicappers. 

Trend Betting

What is trend betting? A trend is a prevailing tendency or inclination. When it comes to top sports betting strategies, few are as well-regarded as trend betting.

Check out examples of possible trends. Then, see how sports bettors use those trends to make winning wagers on your sportsbook. 

  • Bengals are 19-2 ATS in their last 21
  • Chiefs are 1-4 ATS at home versus a team from the AFC North
  • Over is 13-3 in the Chiefs’ last 16 home games
  • Under is 6-3 in the previous 9 AFC Championship games

The above trends aren’t actual. But they give pay per head agents an idea of the trends players look for when deciding to make a bet. 

Trend betting can lead to profit. But it’s not as valuable to a player as so many believe. The bottom line with trend betting is that trends aren’t ever one-hundred percent, so in a way, you want your players to make bets based on trends. 

Tout Services

Some players use tout services to choose winners and losers for them. Although using a tout service sounds like a lazy way to handicap, many high rollers have other businesses. 

They don’t have the time to handicap games themselves. Some high rollers do a half and half. They use the tout service to make daily or weekly bets.

They read articles on future plays, like updated odds on Super Bowl 56, and then bet on the team they believe will win the Super Bowl. 

How Bookies Make Money – A Refresher

What is a bookie agent?

If you’re a sports betting newbie, you may not know the words bookie and bookie agent. A bookmaker that uses pay per head software is a bookie agent. 

A bookie can only become an agent once they run their sportsbook with price per head software. 

What is an “action boss”?

At BossAction, we believe in providing the very best sports betting software possible, which is why we say your software app is as powerful as the ones from much larger sportsbooks. 

Once you decide to sign-up with BossAction, you become an action boss. It’s one of the names we use to describe our agents. 

Best Sports Betting Strategies for BookiesHow to be a bookie with BossAction software

Your layoff account

Every BossAction agent has access to a layoff account. Your layoff account allows you to lay off risky bets. 

Let’s say one of your players bets $2,000 on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Los Angeles Rams on the Super Bowl LVI moneyline. If the Bengals win, the payout is $3,460 in profit and $2,000 for the initial investment.

A giant sportsbook can handle a payout like that. Smaller books can’t. All you must do is bet $2,000 on the Bengals’ moneyline in your layoff account.

Then if the Bengals win, use your winnings to pay off your player. You pocket the $200 bookmaking fee.  

Adding prime platforms

Prime platforms like Premium Props, the Premium Casino, and Live Plus add at least 15% revenue to your sportsbook.

Premium Props allows bettors to wager on sports player performances. The Premium Casino, or Premium Gaming, provides 3D games like offshore casinos, and Live Plus provides your players game trackers and video streams that encourage platform stickiness.  

Using the Agent Payment Solution

The Agent Payment Solution speeds up payment and collections periods. The most important aspect of the APS is that it allows players to deposit into their gambling accounts.

When players can deposit into their account, it’s a risk-off for the bookie. You mustn’t hunt down your players to pay you. Instead, you take the money directly from their accounts. 

Import players to BossAction and get two weeks freeBest Sports Betting Strategies for Bookies

Make sure to pay attention to the best sports strategies on the market. Doing so will help you run a more profitable sportsbook. 

Super Bowl 56 is just about here. Then after Super Bowl 56, sportsbook owners and players turn their attention to March Madness.

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