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Bookie Advice: Use the Best Bookie Software

Here are the top 5 reasons that BossAction is the best bookie software out there. That includes all of the big sports betting sites you see on the internet. If you become a bookie with BossAction, your bookie software and services will be as good as or better than anything on the internet. Here’s why:

  • Proprietary Sports Betting Software

All that means is that we write our own software. We don’t use someone else’s. That’s important because it means we can make changes anytime we want. And we do—all the time. We add features that improve the betting action of your players and make it easier to run your book. Some of those features are part of this top 5 list. 

  • Payments can be made Right on our Software Platform

This is one of the benefits of writing your own software. We created a system to receive and make payments right on our platform. It’s super discrete, secure, and flexible. That means you only have one banking system you have to use, and your bettors have lots of payment options available. As far as we know, we’re the only bookie software company that has this.

  • A Multitude of Sports to Bet on

We have 80+ sports leagues for your bettors to wager on. We have all the major sports in North America and around the world, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, boxing, soccer, golf, horse racing, and auto racing. Plus, college football, college basketball, and many other sports like tennis, rugby, and cricket. If it’s a sport someone wants to bet on, chances are we provide it.

  • A Dashboard that Has it All

Every type of control and monitoring feature that should be part of your business is in our bookie software. The features we think are most valuable to you on a daily basis are on your dashboard. The goal is to jump to other pages as little as possible. We think we’ve designed the dashboard to suit your bookie business best, but if you don’t like anything about it, change it. Everything is modifiable. 

  • Premium Wagering Options

Along with a standard casino setup with hundreds of great table games and slots, we also have premium casinos with 3D games and premium live dealers with multiple dealers always ready to play. The live dealers host blackjack, roulette, hold’em poker, and baccarat.

Along with premium casino, BossAction also offers premium props and TruLive Wagering. Premium props provides hundreds of Quick Picks each game, or your bettors can create their own props. They can be made as single bets or in parlays. TruLive Wagering allows your bettors to place all kinds of bets throughout each game, not just at the beginning. 

Agents earn an average of 15% on our premium products.

Bookie Advice: Use the Best Bookie SoftwareMaster Agents

If you are a Master agent / Reseller, we’ve designed a section of the software that allows you to set the rates for any agents you’re reselling to. The software automatically calculates their bills so they can pay you as if they are paying BossAction. As long as you charge them more than we charge you, you’ll be making money. 

And there are even more features we haven’t mentioned here. Check out our features pages to see everything our sports bookie software has to offer. 


You can always shop around to see if there’s any free software out there that you can use. You don’t need much if you’re just trying to get something for yourself and your buddies. Just a simple program to do the basics, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting in calculating the odds. But if you want to have a side hustle that makes you some extra cash, you want something that works every time and keeps making you lots of money. As a bonus, BossAction is giving away their bookie software free for 2 weeks. That’s no bookie fees for 2 weeks. Just transfer over your players, and you’re free to go!

Within those two weeks, you’ll be able to see how great our software is and all the features your players will love. But even when your 2 weeks are done, you’re not paying out of pocket. You only pay for your active bettors. The more they bet, the more you make. We have every sport they can possibly imagine; every type of casino game they might want to try; every variety of sports bet they may wish to make.

Join BossAction now to see why agents that transfer to us make an average of 23% extra money, no matter what size book they have. 

Call 1-800-339-4108 now! We’re always open.

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