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Bookie Tips: Manage Your NFL Sportsbook with Proprietary Software

The NFL season is the most exciting part of the year for many sports fans. It’s also the most prosperous time of year for many bookies with a NFL sportsbook. You can make more money now than the rest of the year, so it’s essential to be well prepared to get the most out of these few months. 

Manage Your NFL Sportsbook With Proprietary Software

How much you capitalize on the NFL betting season depends on the type of pay per head bookie software you use. Most of the software out there is good but is based on the ASI or DGS platform. So it’s limited in what features and services it can provide. 

You want proprietary bookie software, so it doesn’t rely on an older platform. That way, your NFL sportsbook providers aren’t restrained from creating features that will be enjoyed by the players and appreciated by their bookies.

Here are a few features that every good proprietary software platform should have.

Other Sports

Other leagues are running their seasons at the same time as the NFL. Make sure you can offer all the other major sports to your players so they never have to leave your site to lay bets on other leagues like basketball, soccer, or hockey. You always want to be a one-stop shop so people don’t have to look around for anything else. And that includes casinos.

Bookie SoftwareCasino, Premium Casino, Live Dealers, and Poker

Even though sports are happening most of the days or evenings when people are home from work, they aren’t on all the time. And they aren’t necessarily playing exactly when you want to watch them. That’s one of the allures of casinos. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can walk into one at any time and just start betting. 

You don’t have to wait for a buzzer or bell to get started. So make sure your sportsbook software also has a casino available for your bettors so they can jump on board whenever they have the urge.

The good thing about casinos is that you don’t have to worry about moving lines when your players are in there. Just put in some max limits, so there aren’t any sudden big wins or losses, and you’re good to go. Your players get taken care of, and you pull in a constant flow of profits. 

Layoff Account

Most NFL sportsbooks have the tools to minimize your risks, like limiting betting amounts and moving lines. But even the best bookies get stuck with large bets they can’t cover in time. Ensure your sportsbook has a layoff account so you’re not left holding the bag on a potentially big payout. Everyone deserves to work with a safety net. 


It’s good practice to run weekly reports to measure your business’s finances and growth. You want to know how your NFL sportsbook is doing as a whole and how much your players use your services. 

You can even go deeper than that by generating reports on how often each player wins and what types of bets they make. By doing that, you can better manage them and find ways to bring them in for more of your services. 

Most sportsbooks offer standard reports but see if you can customize them to help manage your business the way you want.

NFL Sportsbook - Manage it with Proprietary SoftwareDeposits and Payments

Transferring money is one of those problems that bookies and players alike face. Depending on a player’s preference for moving money into their account or taking out winnings, it can be a major hassle for most bookies. 

On top of that, each player might have a method they prefer that’s slightly different from the rest. A player will usually only have to use one payment method, but a bookie might have to handle many types depending on how many players he has and how many different types of banking they do. 

BossAction has proprietary pay per head software and has created a unique payment solution because it allows many different payment methods all in one system. And the best part is that it’s within our BossAction software. You don’t have to leave your sportsbook to receive money from your players. 

That’s the power of proprietary software. We can develop whatever features we think will benefit you the most. Check out some of the software features we’ve created.

So become a Boss betting agent this NFL season, and you’ll see why bookies that transfer to us gain an average of 23% in cash. Manage your NFL sportsbook with our bookie software, which is second to none. And right now, you get a bonus of 100% of your money back for up to three months, depending on how many players you have. 

Call 1-800-339-4108 now and see how many months of cash back you qualify for.

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