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Use BossAction Proprietary Software to Run Your NFL Online Sportsbook

Football season is the best time for pay per head bookies as they see the most action during this period. If you’re not happy with your sports betting software or are shopping around for something better, here’s why you want to work with a company that uses proprietary online sportsbook software for NFL.

When we say proprietary, we mean that the whole software is ours. It isn’t based on another platform like the other agent betting software packages. We designed the entire thing so we aren’t restricted or constrained in what we can do with the software. The other bookie betting programs are based on ASI or DGS software, so they are limited in what they can design and provide for your business.

Player Management

The software part that helps you manage your players is vital to your profits. Your reports should allow you to check how much each is betting, which ones are doing the best, and which bets they most often win. You should be able to easily see where you’re making the most money and where business isn’t as good. 

This part of the software should be the most comprehensive because all your profits come from your players. Your software should help manage and take care of them.

Layoff Account

You can get caught with large bets you can’t cover as a sports bookie. It happens to the best of us. In those cases, having a layoff account where you can quickly and easily offload your risk is ideal. You automatically have access to this account when you’re a BossAction bookie.


Many bookies like working for other bookies and don’t want to manage the software directly. For them, you’ll want your software to take care of the resellers that manage bookies. Our software does all the calculations to show you how much to charge those subagents and how much to keep for profit. Once a reseller sets the rates for the subagents, the software quickly takes care of managing it all.

e-Sports & MMA and others

The NFL is the key sports league for bookies and their online sportsbook to make a profit, but many other leagues help bring in money the rest of the year. The major sports are covered by most pay per head software providers, but ours offers all kinds of other sports, especially the ones growing in popularity. E-Sports, MMA, and many other leagues have a solid fan base that loves to bet on their favorite players.

Premium Props & Live Wagering

Most betting software packages provide the standard bets on any game, but if you’ve got some true NFL betting fans, you’ll want to give them the options of props and in-game betting. Proprietary software can give you the option of premium props and live wagering for your best players who love to bet on the NFL – or other sports. 

Premium Casino, Live Dealers, and Poker

Sports are always great to bet on, but they aren’t always on when you want them. Plus, some bets can take a while to complete, especially if you place futures bets. Casinos are always open, and your players can make fast bets with slots and table games. 

You can make more money with better quality 3D games if you get premium casinos. And if you can supply live dealers, there’s even more profit to be made from your best players. You can customize your reports to show which players place the most casino bets.

Our latest feature is ClubPoker. Your players play against other gamblers. They get to test their skills against other poker enthusiasts, and you get to keep the rake no matter who wins the pot. You can even set up tournaments during the NFL off-season to keep your business growing.

Use BossAction Proprietary Software to Run Your NFL Online Sportsbook

Payment Options

One of the biggest problems we saw with bookie software is how money is transferred between bookies and their players. Even though it’s a big part of the business, it’s not well managed by most companies. BossAction has a payment system right inside our software platform that’s secure, discrete, and easy to use, with lots of payment options. It’s called the Agent Payment Solution

If we get requests for a type of problem agents are having or a feature they would like, we can make those changes. We are constantly working on more ways for your players to bet and more ways to make your business easier and more profitable to run.

Don’t wait. The NFL season has started. Call now at 1-800-339-4108 to get the software that makes more money for most bookies – 23% more on average. That can be a lot of extra cash with all those football games. 

Plus, our current promotion gets you 100% of your money back for up to three months, depending on the size of your online sportsbook, so make more and spend less for a good chunk of the NFL season, but only if you call now.

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