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Bookie Tips: NFL Sportsbook Features Most Important to Your Players

NFL sports fans that like to bet online expect certain conveniences to make their betting experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. I’ve broken down NFL online sportsbook features that every fan wants and those that may be important to different groups.

Sportsbook Features Every NFL Betting Fan Wants

One of the most essential features for a bettor that doesn’t have anything to do with the bet is being able to make deposits or get cash out as easily as possible. As a bookie, you want to make it as convenient and stress-free as possible. 

If making a deposit takes too long, has too many steps, doesn’t have the payment method the player wants to use, or does not feel secure enough, they could start looking elsewhere to place a bet. 

Similarly, your players want their betting experience to be as simple and enjoyable as possible. They must have all the information at their fingertips. They shouldn’t have to go to other websites to look for lines, injury reports, game schedules, or scores. But they should also be able to see their history and money balance.

All these steps and more must be as simple and convenient as possible. They want to spend less time managing their bets and more time enjoying the action.

They should be able to log onto their own betting website with all the lines already set up and ready to bet on. 

What’s important to all of them is to be able to place bets on their mobile phone. They want the convenience of placing a bet or checking out the odds on a game whenever they want or wherever they are. Most fans do everything on their mobile phones. 

NFL Sportsbook FeaturesMore Advanced Players

As they become more experienced, your players tend to bet bigger and more often. They’ll want to up their game and make more advanced bets like props and parlays. It’s crucial to have those bets available, but it’s also essential that you can generate reports of their betting routines and successes so you can manage them better. 

Having alerts when they bet and setting limits to the dollar amount they can bet are also critical requirements for good bookie betting software.

As well as sports, they may want an improved experience at the casino. Give them higher quality slots and table games and more of them to choose from. They may also appreciate live dealers and poker games with other bettors. When they bet more often, they expect better treatment and will go to whichever betting agents supply that to them.

Fans of Less Common Sports

NFL Sportsbook Features

Besides the NFL, some fans also love all kinds of popular and unconventional sports, so it is good that your sportsbook features these. It would be important to them to be able to watch and bet on those as well. World Cup Soccer only comes around every four years, but it is watched and bet on by people worldwide. Plus, there’s golf, MMA, and the growing e-sports phenomenon. 

Horse racing fans love to bet on the major races around the country and the world. Having an assortment of these sports, and more, assures that your players will come to you for all their bets and won’t have to shop around for a better sportsbook. 

BossAction has created a sports betting software that is amazing for both bookies and their players. It gives each bookie the tools they need to best manage their business. But it also provides the best experience for its players. That includes convenience, entertainment, and the most extensive array of sports and casino betting opportunities available. 

Each player has their own webpage to see every betting opportunity in over 80 sports leagues. Or they can switch over to a casino when they want for slots, table games, and poker. They can also check their accounts, betting history, TV schedules, and scores and learn about sports updates like injuries.

Also, our bookie software was designed especially for mobile phones. Most software is developed for the desktop first and then adapted for the phone. Ours was constructed specifically for the phone from the start to accommodate the majority of players who use their phones for pretty much everything. 

Try our live player demo to see what they get when you sign up with BossAction. You’ll be impressed, and so will they.

Call now at 1-800-339-4108 to join and get our special offer of 100% of your cash back for up to 3 months, depending on the number of players you have. With the NFL season just starting, it’s the perfect time to try out the best pay per head software with a sweet deal.

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