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Bookie Tips: Betting Agent Software You Require To Run a Profitable Sportsbook

I’ve written extensively on how to use our bookie software to manage your players better. You can use your history to see the trend of how each player bets and how successful they are at each type of bet. I’ve talked about how you can keep an eye on the players that win the most bets so that you can manage them as well in your betting agent software, keeping your sportsbook growing and staying successful all the way.

Today, I wanted to focus a bit more on the management side of the business and the software. But I will do it differently, hoping I won’t bore you or turn you off this article. I’m going to compare it to an owner of an NBA franchise. 

When you take out the glamor and the excitement of having top basketball stars on your payroll, the central part of your job is to keep the franchise in the black. You need to make it profitable at the end of the day. Otherwise, you’ll eventually have to sell it and lose all those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Balancing the budget.

An owner has a salary cap they have to stay under. For the most part, this is a good thing that helps keep them from going in the red and losing money. They are constantly juggling their finances and where their money should go. But it’s always a gamble. If they spend too much on one player, they have less money to pay for other players. 

But no matter what they do, it’s still a gamble. Having all the best league players doesn’t guarantee a win every night. There are many variables to juggle regularly. 

  • Injuries
  • Coaching staff issues
  • Contract issues
  • Personal problems
  • Player relationships

And that’s just the shortlist. Ideally, you have a good management staff that takes care of each issue so the team can come together to entertain their fans and bring home a winning season.

Bookies don’t generally have a team behind them to take care of the management issues that every company has. You have to do it yourself. Granted, you don’t have nearly the scope and depth of problems an NBA owner has, but they still need to be dealt with as best as possible to keep your business viable and growing. 

The bulk of your concerns are:

  • Customer management (your bettors)
  • Payment issues
  • Money management
  • Managing the sportsbook

Quickly breaking down each one, I wanted to show you how BossAction pay per head software helps you manage each area:

Customer Management

The best way we help you here is by giving your players a betting website that is free of glitches and gives them all the information and options they need and want to place their bets. All the games, types of bets, and betting lines are laid out in a dashboard designed for the mobile phone, which more and more players are using to connect with their bookies. We give them injury reports, game schedules, and information on where to watch the games. 

They can also go directly to all the casino games we provide.

You have the controls on which players get access to the premium features in your betting agent software such as props betting, in-game bets, plus live dealer casinos and premium casinos. 

Payment Issues

One of the biggest time-wasters and frustrations can be payments. We’ve created a payment portal right in our betting agent software so that you never have to go outside and individually work with each player and their payment preference. Included are a large number of payment methods to satisfy any player. We work with several different cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, as well as traditional banking methods, including debit, credit, and others.

Money Management

Several reports are set up in the software that you can click on to show you your financial snapshot. It makes your bookkeeping much more manageable as all the data is already filled in, so you know how much money you have, what is owed to you, and what you owe. Don’t guess about your financial health. Keep on top of it. 

You can also custom-design the reports to suit your needs. 

Managing the Sportsbook with Betting Agent Software

This is the main focus of the betting agent software. We allow you to make whatever changes you need to monitor and control your business correctly. 

  • Add alerts for whenever a bet is made
  • Move the lines whenever you want
  • Place limits on bets or players
  • Decide which players get premium services
  • Use our layoff account whenever you need it

Behind the glamor of being a bookie (not as glamorous as owning an NBA franchise), you are constantly juggling several factors to keep the business going. 

Call one of our sales reps to learn all the tools at your disposal when you become a BossAction bookie. Using everything our software has available will make a difference in your business. Betting agents that transfer to us see an average of 23% increase in their cash flow (see our guide to sports betting agents here). 

Join now and get 100% cash back for up to three months, depending on the size of your sportsbook. Call 1-800-339-4108 to find out how many months you qualify for.

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