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How to Handle Action on College Football’s Final Regular Season Month

Unlike a typical week in the NFL, which will have up to 16 games, there can be up to 60 college football games or more in a given week. With 130 teams to choose from, your players will never be able to find all the best bets to make. If you take the time to find those gems, your players will be happy that you’ve saved them some research time. And they’ll reward you with more college football action. 

Here’s a mishmash of tips that any bookie can use to bring in more money for the last month of regular play in NCAA Football.

A Great Time for Futures Bets

The preseason is long gone, and so is all the hype and excitement that comes with it. The first half of the season included a good portion of out-of-conference games, which saw some wild outcomes. But now, the players have settled their nerves to prepare for the last month of regular play. Up until now, they’ve been jostling for a spot in the standings. The following month is about focusing on the finish line.

This month is an excellent time to analyze futures bets and see if there are any value plays or any that stand out that you can pass on to your players. They can lay down bets for:

  • National Championship Winners
  • Conference Champions
  • Team regular-season win totals
  • Will a team make a bowl game?
  • Heisman Trophy
  • No. 1 Pick in the NFL

The more spread out these bets are amongst the teams or players, the less risk your sportsbook will take. So, keep sending out any news and tips on those teams and players to get more bets placed. You lower your risk and increase your profit. It’s a great reason to do it.

How to Handle Action on College Football's Final Regular Season MonthEveryone Loves an Explosive Offense

Every team works at developing a good defense, but the offense is the number one focus of any team in the NCAAF. That’s what wins championships, and that’s what fans love to watch. If you have players that love to bet on the over/under total points, find match-ups between teams that both have solid offenses but average or weak defenses. Show them the games with the highest numbers – in the 70s and 80s. They won’t be able to resist betting on those overs/unders.

Don’t forget to look at college football rivalry action, which are always good for emotional bets that add to the excitement of the game. These can draw the most bets because the fans also have an intense rivalry, not just the team on the field. Setting up live betting for those games could see the most action for your sportsbook.

Or look for good value bets with underdogs. If you know your players, you’ll know those who tend to bet on the underdogs. 

Parlay Bets Can Bring in Good Profits

It’s worth your time to find good value parlay bets that your players would love to try. Sometimes they don’t take the time to search for the best value bets or the most intriguing wagers. Bringing them to your players’ attention might be exactly what they were looking for – especially if you know what they like to bet on. If you think these bets stand a good chance of winning, use your layoff account to negate that risk. You won’t make money on it, but you won’t lose money and will have a happy customer.

Premium College Football Services for Action

Find the most popular games, like the rivalry matchups, and announce that you’ll open up Premium props betting or live-action betting for them. If a bunch of your players gets together to watch and bet on the game, you can even send over a pizza. Making it a special event can do wonders to increase your sales. 

Many bookies focus most of their time on the NFL because they have the biggest audiences and the most action betting. But college football action has more teams, more games, and bigger rivalries to excite any football punter – I mean gambler. 

To handle all this action, ensure you have the best football betting software online to manage all your players, the games, and the bets. BossAction is the top pay per head bookie software with all the college games, plus premium props, parlays, and live-action betting. Bookies that transfer over to us see an average 23% gain in cash flow. Try it out and see for yourself. Right now, you can get 100% cash back for up to three months when you transfer over to us. 

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