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Bookie Head Agent Tips: Managing NFL Playoff Action

The regular season is done. All the NFL teams have been seeded and positioned for their playoff run. We’re entering the biggest betting season for bookies. It’s exciting as hell, but it can also be very stressful for new bookies or those who can’t manage this level of action. 

If you’re a head agent with sub-agents below you, more than a few of them might need some hand-holding to get through this intense month with as much profit as possible. 

The race to get into the NFL playoffs and wrestle for positioning went right to the wire. Only the Chiefs, Jaguars, and Buccaneers knew where they stood no matter what happened in Week 18. All the other positions were up for grabs. It made for a weekend of multiple-game focus—a bookie’s dream.

Let NFL Playoff Season Begin

Now we have four weeks of betting action that gets more condensed and focused with fewer teams each week.

If you’re lucky, all your bookies are great at their business, so you don’t have to do much except set up the pay per head pricing and pull in the money. But odds are that you have to help out most of them. 

Sports betting software continues to improve and make life easier for bookies and players alike. But when bookies are starting out, they can benefit from the experience of a master bookie to help keep them from going into the red. It can be challenging to stay in the black, especially during the playoffs. Bookies are great at bringing in players and action but can get caught on bets where they lose more than they make. 

A Bookie Head Agent keeps an eye on all of their sub-bookies, so they stay in the black as much as possible. Here are some tips for the upcoming NFL playoff action:

Reports are Your Best Friend

Reports are the lifeblood of a head agent. Don’t rely on your sub-agents to keep you informed of their business. Help them do well and bring in betting players each week, especially for the NFL playoffs. Check their reports before each weekend starts and after it’s over. Know how risky the betting was before, how well they did after, and how they managed it all.

Depending on the bookie and their players, you can either check the reports of each player or just the most successful ones. If you have any troublesome bookies that have difficult times managing, you’ll know to check on them thoroughly. 

Alerts Keep You Informed

Look for successful players that might be causing problems for your sub-bookies and get alerted when they bet. And if you know which types of bets they’re most successful at, just get informed about them. It makes your life much easier. 

Also, set up alerts for sizeable wagers. It’s easier if you put limits in for the size of bets your bookies can accept, but if that’s not possible, set the alerts.

NFL Playoff Risky Bets Should be Minimized

If your bookies aren’t good at judging the risk level of some bets or their overall book, reports and alerts are some of the best tools for you and your sub-agents. Ideally, you can show them how to use the tools themselves, so they don’t have to rely on you as much. But either way, they have two sets of eyes to ensure their books have as little risk as possible. 

The NFL playoff schedule can make a lot of money for bookies, but there is always the potential to lose money. You’re here to help them stay on the plus side.

Premium Services can be a Winfall

Features such as premium props, in-game betting for NFL Playoff season, and premium casinos with live dealers can make your sub-agents lots of extra cash. Still, they’re also an area of risk if not handled properly. Keep control of these services to allow them where the potential for more profits is good without many risks.

Remember, the more successful your bookies are, the more successful you’ll be. That doesn’t mean your focus is on bringing in as much money for your bookies as possible. That’s primarily their job. Yours is to keep their business profitable, so they’ll be in it for the long haul. This is especially important during the NFL playoffs when big risky bets can come in and be difficult for some bookies to pass up. 

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