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Use BossAction Software to Create an Online Casino

If you’re a bookie using pay per head sportsbook software, you probably have a digital online casino included in your package. When you started using it, you probably thought it was a huge bonus, and you couldn’t wait to start making extra money.

Unfortunately, most bookies don’t see many of their players using it. If that’s the case, you might feel like you’re losing money because you’re paying for it, but it’s not getting used. In a sense, that’s true, but the cost is meager. The gaming you have is a simple, inexpensive version to draw in players and have them use the premium services. The premium services might cost you more, but they will make you more money. At least you’re not paying for the premium services as part of your sportsbook per head price. 

You can do a couple of things to get more money flowing into your casino. 

  1. Promote the gaming and build interest
  2. Move to BossAction, which has a better online casino

Promote Your Online Casino

Since your focus is sports betting, you probably don’t give much attention to your online casino. If people want to use it, they know it’s there. But have you tried promoting it? It’s worth doing because it’s less work for you. There are no betting lines to worry about. You can set limits on their betting, but other than that, it runs on its own. 

What about all the girlfriends and wives of your players that aren’t interested in sports or sports betting? Maybe they would like to use the gaming’s slots or tables. It’s possible they would spend more time with their significant other and improve their relationship. I bet you’ve never heard anyone tell you that playing the gaming could improve a relationship. 

They might not be watching sports together, but they could gamble together. They might even be able to call it Date Night. BossAction has live dealers for table games such as blackjack, where spouses and friends can play together. How’s that for improving relationships? And it’s cheaper than bringing them to Vegas for the weekend. 

What BossAction Premium Gaming Offers

As a BossAgent, you’ll have your own gaming, but you also get premium gaming features such as 3D slots, live dealers, and ClubPoker. You could offer a weekend of playing on your gaming’s premium services to your best players so they can see how much fun it is. Offering premium services is the easiest way to promote the gaming.


Most pay per head poker games are simple digital programs like the digital slots or video poker you see online. Our ClubPoker has taken it a step further. Your bettors aren’t playing a program or a computer. They’re actually playing other bettors virtually. 

Find out which of your players like poker and set them up together. You can even connect them with players of other BossAction betting agents. Just create the tables so they can join. You can even set up weekend tournaments between sports seasons to bring in lots of cash. The best part for you is not taking any risks. No matter who wins, you get a percentage of each pot (rake). The more they play, the more you make.

Drive More Players to Your Sportsbook

If you want to make money without taking any risk, promote BossAction’s ClubPoker to as many of your players as possible. You can even encourage them to bring their poker buddies who aren’t currently betting with you. Maybe some of their spouses will join too. Use ClubPoker and BossAction’s premium gaming services to bring in more players to your sportsbook.

The quality of our online casino has never been this good. Promote it to your players, especially when their sports betting isn’t going their way, and they need to try their luck elsewhere. 

Join BossAction to create an online gaming second to none, with premium features like 3D slots, live dealers, and ClubPoker. As a bonus, you also get sports betting on 80+ sports leagues at no additional cost. All kidding aside, the best reason to join right now is that you can get all of that for the ridiculously low price of $3 per head until April 16th. That’s an $8 per head savings off of our regular price. 

If you’ve never seen what our betting software for bookies can do, try out our player and bookie demos. Or better yet, call us at 1-800-339-4108 and get the most book for your buck.