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Betting Agent Tips: Managing College Football Action

Whether your college football fans like to bet on the top teams, top players, their home team, or their favorite teams, managing their action can mean bigger rewards for you and more fun for them. Today we cover some betting agent tips for managing this area of your business.

Getting to Know Your Players

If you’re a pay per head sports bookie, check your reports to find out which teams your players like to bet on and what bets they like to make. See how successful they are and how often they bet. Do you need to send them reminders of game times and what bets they have open? 

Top five NCAAF teams 

These top teams will garner the most views for their games and will see a substantial part of the college football bets. Here’s where many of the bets will be made, so watch out for their games and the bets and set limits where needed. 

  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Michigan Wolverines
  • Clemson Tigers

Betting Agent Tips: Managing College Football ActionAlabama, Georgia, and Ohio State have been considered the top three teams since the start of the season. We are five weeks into the 2022 season, and that hasn’t changed. These three teams are far ahead of every other team in the country, but there are more games to play. Things can change.

The other two teams, Michigan and Clemson, are also undefeated and could threaten the top three, depending on the schedule, injuries, and roster changes. But so far, they are well behind the leaders.

There are many NCAAF conferences to watch, with exciting matchups that have nothing to do with the top five teams. Depending on your location, your players may be focused on a conference that doesn’t have any top teams but still has excellent football to watch and bet on.

Provide Important Information to Your Players

One of our top agent betting tips is to promote the ongoing rivalries, injury reports, and tips to your players regularly if you want them to capitalize on value bets and increase their excitement in each game. More fun for them means more money for you.

Besides the top 5 teams, a few others are still undefeated after five games: 

  •  Syracuse
  • Kansas
  • TCU
  • Oklahoma State 
  • Penn State (a significant accomplishment as they are in the Big Ten conference with Ohio State and Michigan) 
  • Southern California
  • UCLA 
  • Tennessee
  • Ole Miss 
  • Coastal Carolina
  •  James Madison. 

Laying bets on when these teams will lose their first game might interest some of your players. Penn State would be the focus of this type of bet, especially when playing their conference rivals, Ohio State and Michigan. 

Away Games Can Be Tough

Only a few teams have not played an Away game yet, including East Carolina, Ohio State, Nebraska, Auburn, and Arkansas. Present those teams to your players so they can bet on their first Away game, especially if it’s against a rival. Will it make a difference being that long without a road game? Are there any value bets available?

As a bookie, you want all your players to win enough to keep them betting. If they lose too often, they’ll bet less often. Help them find some value bets or pass on a tip or two to keep them coming back repeatedly. 

You’ll always have top players who enjoy betting as much as they enjoy watching their favorite sports team. But the majority of your players come and go. Don’t let them get bored with the same old bets on the same teams. You want them consistently betting each week. And if they lose all the time, it’s good money for you, but they’ll soon stop betting altogether. 

Give them the tips that’ll pique their interest and make them feel like they’ve got some insider information from their betting agent that will give them better odds. Make them feel like they’re missing out if they don’t take those bets each week. 

Reporting Systems Bring Relevant Data

Check out the reports available on BossAction to learn all about your players, their favorite sports, teams, players, types of bets, and how successful they are. Having all that information at your fingertips is how Boss Agents make an average of 23% more cash when they transfer over to us. 

We even provide game times and injury reports to keep your players informed so they can go after the big action. You’ll be the best bookie ever.

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