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A Bookies Guide To: The Best Betting Apps

Betting has long been a favorite pastime across the world. Whether you’re in a casino or a booking club, there’s just something about putting your money where your mouth is on a high-stakes score. In this case, quite literally! Today we look at some of the best betting apps.

As more and more of our favorite pastimes have moved online, many betting companies have moved with the times too.

There are so many betting apps to choose from these days, both new and old, that picking just one out of them out of the crowd has become a real headache.

After all, not only do you need to find a good site or app that gives you plenty of options for betting and some great bonuses, but you also have to find ones with great user interfaces that are easy to understand and start using. They are out there. They’re just a little hard to find sometimes.

Well, not anymore! This guide that we have compiled brings you the best betting services that we could find out there.

We’ll cover not only the sites and apps themselves but what makes them so good in the first place, as well as a few notes or issues that you should keep in mind when using them.


Starting with one of the most popular betting apps out there, we have to kick off this guide with the gold standard that all others have to meet in some way!

Bet365 is one of the most famous betting platforms on the planet and for good reason.

Their selection of internationally played sports, from NFL to ice hockey to golf and soccer is next to none, for starters, and the number of ways that you can interact and bet on those sports is also great, especially when it comes to bonus and welcome packages for betting.

Add to that an app experience that is easy to use, and all the stats that you could need to make an informed, high-stakes, high-reward bet, and it is easy to see what so many people love about it.

The only issue that we would note is that, while incredibly popular around the world, the expansion of Bet265 into the US has only just begun, with 4 states where it is legal to bet with them: Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey, and Virginia. More states are likely to join that club in the future, but it’s incredibly limited right now.

Still, if you are in one of those lucky 4 states, count your lucky stars, check out the website, and download the app for yourself!


Next up, we have perhaps one of the biggest names in online betting, BetMGM is absolutely the site to visit if you’re a lover of sports betting.

When it comes to sports markets and options to pick from, BetMGM is hard to beat. From baseball to NFL and Ice Hockey, pretty much any sport that you can think of and want to bet on can be found here.

And with live-updated betting odds available through the app, this one allows you to make the best calls for last-minute betting choices.

One of the biggest selling points that BetMGM has going for it is its very generous welcome packages and offers.

New customers to the app can get a huge $1,000 back in bonus bets, giving you plenty of incentive to keep playing as you keep winning big. You even get $50 bonus bet options just for signing up!

Not only that, but BetMGM has a much wider user base than Bet365 which we just talked about. Rather than the 4 states that Bet365 operates legally in, BetMGM boasts up to 16 different states in which you can access the app safely and legally.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Now, if you’re looking for a betting app that comes with a lot of coverage of different states, then you can do a lot worse than DraftKings Sportsbook.

In terms of the sheer number of states where it operates, DraftKings might have every other app on this list beat. With over 18 states being covered, you’ll struggle to find a platform with better coverage than this service.

And what a service it is!

You get a ton of different sports on the menu to bet from, as well as a few different ways to bet on them. DraftKings is one of the first apps that offered same-game parley for your bets and is one of the best to boot.

This makes it one of the most flexible betting services out there, able to switch up bets as the odds unfold on a match.

And when you factor in how easy the UI is to use and navigate, as well as having some of the fastest handouts for bets on the market, we’re almost wondering not why it is so successful in so many states, but why more states haven’t started using this app already!

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars may have fallen out of the limelight for a few years, thanks to its initial slowness to adapt to the ever-growing presence of online betting.

However, after its acquisition by the massive betting company William Hill, as well as some major restructuring within the company and its services, Caesars is back, and better than ever!

Immediately after signing in to the homepage, it’s clear to see that this is a top-quality service. The main actions and biggest bets of the day are right there, waiting for you to make your move.

And with the welcome packages that you’ll get as a first-time user, you’ll be able to make full use of that easy UI.

One of the things that we particularly love about Caesars is how seriously it takes the security of transactions.

It is one of the few betting apps and platforms that uses two-factor identification, making sure that you, and only you, can use your account, and keeps out potential hackers that may be looking to steal more than just your winnings.

We’re honestly surprised that more companies haven’t adopted this strategy, to be honest!


Finally, to cap off this list, we have a betting app that might just take the gold when it comes to user-friendliness.

BetRivers is a name that many people will have heard of, partly due to how often and much is recommended to other betters in both Apple and Android app stores.

That’s because, as far as services and betting apps go, this might have the cleanest UI system out of all of them. Everything that you could want for both understanding w

Plus, it’s also available to use in 12 different states, so it’s got a pretty good amount of coverage too, at least when compared to some of the other apps and platforms that we’ve covered

The only issue that we’ve found is that each state that it does operate in uses a different app to access its services, so you’ll need to download each one, depending on where you’re based. So if you’re playing between two or more states where this company is legal, you’ll need to download them both.

A little more hassle than others, perhaps. But still, an incredibly easy one to use, making this an easy betting app to recommend.

Final Notes – Best Betting Apps

While many of the other apps for betting that you’ll find are fine, these apps do that little extra to make you want to stay and that’s why they’re the best, after all!

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