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BossAction’s AI Play Hub

AI Play Hub. Artificial intelligence is all the rage. So much so that few industries exist that AI has yet to enter. But although AI is in almost every industry on the planet, the online sportsbook industry, in particular online bookie sportsbooks, have yet to embrace artificial intelligence. BossAction, a sportsbook tech leader, is at the forefront of the AI sports betting revolution. Check out how artificial intelligence works as well as why all pay per head agents should utilize BossAction’s AI Play Hub.

What exactly is AI and how does it work?

All of us have heard of artificial intelligence, but many of us don’t know what it is or may not have the correct facts regarding artificial intelligence. AI are software programs that learn the way human beings learn.

When we learn, we create neural networks in our brain. We learn by studying, experiencing, and applying processes. AI learns the same exact way.

So when it comes to artificial intelligence and your online sportsbook, BossAction’s AI Play Hub learns what the specific player prefers to bet.

AI Play Hub is a machine learning bookie software tool

We can describe the AI Play Hub as a machine learning, personalized sports betting, and sportsbook software tool.

What this means is each player has an individual AI for their account. Once the AI acquires enough data, it can make player preference assumptions.

The AI Play Hub will present specific possible wagers that are detailed to each player. Player A will see a different set of personal betting suggestions than player B.

Creating neural networks the way artificial intelligence does takes time and isn’t perfect. It isn’t perfect because like a human being, AI can only determine bookmaker software preferences based on past experiences and past learned knowledge.

The AI Play Hub takes time because it can’t start to deliver optimal bet suggestions until it has acquired enough betting preferences from players.

How AI Play Hub boosts online bookie sportsbook action

Keep reading for an example of how AI can deliver bet suggestions.

Say there’s a player who loves to bet Spanish La Liga soccer and the NFL. The player decides to bet a Sunday match between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.

The player also decides to bet Real Madrid’s matchup versus rival Barcelona in the latest El Clasico. In addition, the player got a tip from a friend that the bookie website odds on the Phoenix Suns against the spread versus the Golden State Warriors in the NBA was a great bet.

The players makes three bets:

  • Dallas -4.5 to cover against the Rams
  • Real Madrid +134 versus Barcelona
  • Phoenix -6 against Golden State

The AI Play Hub doesn’t concern itself with individual outcomes. What the AI hopes to accomplish is to develop a personal betting profile for the specific player.

So whether Dallas covers, Real beats Barca, or Phoenix covers against Golden State doesn’t matter. What does matter to the AI Play Hub is that the player made an NFL, NBA, and Spanish La Liga bet.

So the next time the player logs onto their account, they are likely to see suggestions from the NFL, NBA, and Spanish La Liga. If the AI doesn’t see any Spanish La Liga matches on the schedule, it may add a Champions League, Premier, Serie A, or other soccer match.

It could take time for the AI to develop a true personalized sports bet profile. Or, if the player is consistent, a player that only bets the New Orleans Saints as an example, the profile could take no time at all for the AI to develop.

The more players bet; the more AI Play Hub tailors bet suggestions

Another thing to consider is frequency of plays. The AI Play Hub will create personalized sports wagering portfolios much quicker if a player bets a lot.

Notice, it doesn’t matter how much a player bets. The more important stat is how many bets the player makes. The more the player bets, the more likely of a viable personalized sports wager player portfolio, which will lead to more in tune bet suggestions.

BossAction $3 per head offer includes AI Play Hub

BossAction’s All-Inclusive pay per head plan offers every feature and tool required to run a growing and profitable online sportsbook.

Right now, bookie sportsbook operators can add BossAction’s All-Inclusive tools and features for $3 per head. The All-Inclusive Plan includes the AI Play Hub.

So once you sign up for a BossAction account, and your players make bets, they will start to see betting suggestions land at the top of their player accounts.

The $3 per head deal is as good as it gets. The best part? It’s takes a $25 deposit to get started. That’s it.

Don’t waste any more time. Contact a BossAction representative at 800-339-4108 or sign-up and open your BossAction account today.