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BossAction Introduces the Massive Free Play Tool

If you’re a sports bookie, retaining your customers is a big part of your business focus. Players have many choices to place sporting bets and don’t have to commit to you or anyone else.

With each major sporting event, you want to ensure as many players as possible are placing bets with you and are as engaged as possible. One way to keep them on your betting site is to offer them free plays, especially if they’ve had a losing weekend.

But sending out each free play individually can take a long time. The larger your sportsbook, the more daunting the task. And if you get big enough, you might not bother to do it at all, which can result in losing some of your best players.

Massive Free Play Tool

To fix that problem, BossAction has created a Massive Free Play Tool to make the task easy and fast no matter how many players you have. Setting it up and sending it to all your players or sub-agents just takes a few steps. With a few clicks, you can get it done and get back to business.

But what if you want things done differently? What if you don’t want to send it to everyone? We’ve added all the options you need to allow you to make exceptions and changes that will best help your business retain the most players. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to send my players a fixed amount?

You get to choose whether everyone gets the same amount or whether they get a percentage of their loss.

 What if some players lost so much that the percentage would be too big a payment?

You can add a ceiling to the amount any player can receive. If some players’ losses would mean too big a free play, you can add a limit to the amount of the free play.

You can also add a restriction that a player must have lost a minimum amount to receive free play.

 Can I add my own personal message to send to my players?

Yes. You can send a personalized message to thank them for their continued business, for their recent play, or for any other reason you’d like.

 Can I send this only to active players?

Yes. You can set up the free play to only be available to players who have already placed a pre-game wager. You can also set the date range (from a date in the past to today’s date) in which they had to place their bet.

 What if I don’t want everyone to get the free play?

You can select the players or agents that you want to exclude from getting the free play.

 Can I set my own dollar amounts, or is it set?

You can choose a suggested dollar amount or create your own number. If you select the percentage option, the same rule applies. You can choose one of the suggestions or make your own.

The Massive Free Play Tool is Easy to Use

With only a few clicks, you can set up your massive free play and send it to all of your agents or players. All you have to decide is whether you want to pay a fixed amount or by percentage, and then choose the amount.

If you want a more custom send, these options are available:

  • Add any agents or players you wish to exclude from the free play
  • Choose the maximum amount (ceiling) a player can get with the percentage option
  • Choose the minimum amount a player had to lose to get the free play
  • Only allow active players to get the free play
  • Choose the date range that players must have placed a pre-game wager to get the free play
  • Send a note to your players about the free play (or any other note)

With March Madness here, you’ll want as many players as possible to stick with you and make all their sports bets with your book. Gifting them a free play to give them some relief from a losing weekend is a massive way of retaining them in all future games.

BossAction is the Sportsbook Software With the Most Features

Men’s college basketball is peaking, and the NCAA tournament is just getting started. Join BossAction today to bring your players all the best features and the most games to bet on.

Call 1-800-339-4108 today for access to your massive free play tool and keep your players coming back week after week. Our pay per head prices are super low and go lower the more players you have. Depending on the size of your book, you could pay as little as $2.5 per head.

Don’t wait to call. Before you know it, March Madness will be in the Final Four in April.