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7 Tips to Manage Your Sports Betting

7 Tips to Manage Your Sports Betting. Sports betting is a fun part of watching your favorite team play, your favorite Ultimate fighter battle in the ring, or any elite athlete compete in any sport. But just as you have to manage how, where, and with whom you’ll watch your games, you should learn to manage your bets. Here are seven tips to keep gambling entertaining and in your budget.

7. Give Yourself a Budget and Stick to It

Nobody likes to make a budget and follow it. It takes the fun out of everything. If you aren’t disciplined enough to follow a budget, keep a record of how much you spend each month or each week so you know if things are getting out of hand. If you’re able to follow a budget, you have to come up with some rules. Like, when you win, do you put the money back in the budget pot, or do you spend it on drinks or your friends? If you put it back in, you get to use it again. If you spend it, you’re done. Either way is okay as long as you follow your rules.

6. Keep the Bets Small

Why do you think the one-armed bandits are so popular in Vegas? People can sit there all day, betting and being entertained with only small bets. Give yourself a limit to how much money you can put down on any bet; that way, you never have to worry about being tempted to place big bets on “sure things.” You get to play more and can even go after those long shots. If you lose, it won’t ruin your day.

5. Bet with a Friend

Gambling on sports alone is the same as drinking alone. There’s no real good reason for doing either. They’re both team sports. If you watch and bet on sports alone, you’re missing out on the biggest part of the fun: sharing it with others and having a friendly rivalry. But there’s another good reason to never bet alone. You’ll always have someone covering your back and ensuring you’re not letting your bets get out of hand. A friend will make sure you’re sticking to your budget, betting time, or any other rules you have about gambling. And you’ll do the same for them.

4. Understand the Sport and the Bet

You might be saying, “If I have to research and learn this stuff, how will it be fun?” That’s true, but if you play a sport, how much fun would you have if you didn’t spend time learning and improving your skills? If you just want to gamble from complete luck, buy a Scratch and Win card. There’s no skill involved. But if you want to play regularly to enhance your viewing pleasure, do yourself a favor, understand the game, and learn about statistics and the latest information on the teams involved.

When you’ve made a good habit of doing that, learn about the betting process, the types of bets available, and how they work. Don’t just let someone tell you what to bet on unless you’re using their money.

3. Take Breaks to Enjoy Life

You can skip this point if you have no problem putting gambling to the side whenever your favorite team or sport is between seasons. If you look for teams or games you can bet on, you should consider taking breaks once each season ends. Just as teams need a break from their intense schedules, so do the fans. Walk away from the sports and bets for at least a couple of weeks so you can come back fresh and excited to get back into the next season or sport. Otherwise, it can become an obsession or unhealthy drive to win instead of having fun.

2. Balance Your Time Between Gambling and Everything Else

If your sports betting is part of your sports viewing, then you probably already have a limit to how much time you can allocate. You just have to add a little more to research the stats and player news. But if you find yourself betting on sports you don’t watch or follow, you should limit your sports betting time, be strict with your budget, or get some counseling. You might have a gambling problem.

In case additional support is needed, there are specialized organizations that offer confidential counseling and resources. We recommend the following:

Gambling Therapy:

Gambling Therapy is a global online support service that offers counseling in multiple languages for individuals affected by gambling.

The ‘Gambling Therapy’ app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Visit the site here:

Gamblers Anonymous:

Gamblers Anonymous provides confidential telephone and in-person support to anyone affected by gambling-related difficulties.

Application: Downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices.

1. Above All Else, Keep it Entertaining

When you play a sport, you’re always trying to win, but you know that’s not possible, so your next goal is to win more than you lose. That makes sense. Beyond that, you want to have fun doing it; that’s why you play. Substitute “play a sport” in the sentence above with “bet on a sport” to keep your perspective on how you should be looking at your sports gambling. Just like any sport you might play, stop doing it if you’re no longer having fun.

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