You are currently viewing March Madness 2024 SEC Preview

March Madness 2024 SEC Preview

March Madness 2024 SEC Preview. As usual, several men’s basketball teams from the Southeastern Conference are expected to make it into the NCAA tournament this year. Nine teams are expected to get there, including Tennessee, Alabama (auto), Auburn, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss (First Four).

Ten teams from the Big 12 look to get in this year, while the Big 10 looks to provide six teams to the tournament. Mountain West (6), ACC (4), Pac-12 (3), and American (2).

SEC Down the Finish Line

Alabama is the clear favorite to win the SEC regular season with only a few games remaining. Auburn and South Carolina have been moved down, and Florida has jumped into the top five spots.

Team   Odds to Win SEC            Odds to Win March Madness

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide -140      +1800
  2. Tennessee Volunteers +180     +1300
  3. Auburn Tigers +700     +1800
  4. Kentucky Wildcats +1800    +2500
  5. Florida Gators +2000    +10000

Auburn had the best odds to win the regular season, but the Tide and Vols have overpassed them in recent games. Tennessee still has the best odds to win the NCAA tournament out of all the teams in the SEC.

Alabama Crimson Tide

When Auburn beat the Tide on Feb 7, the Tigers assumed the top spot in the betting pool. But it seems that was a glitch, as Alabama has won both games since, beating LSU 109-92 and Texas A&M 100-75. Their offense averages 90.7 points and has hit 100 eight times this season. They’re looking to win the regular-season conference title for the third time in four years.

Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols might be behind the Tide in the standings, but they have better odds to win the NCAA tournament. That could have something to do with transfer Dalton Knecht, who has averaged 20.4 points per game and is one of the best 3-point shooters in the country. How they finish off the season will give a good indication of how well they do in the tournament. They take on Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, and Kentucky before the regular season ends.

Auburn Tigers

The Tigers are the lone SEC team in the No. 4 seeds. They probably would have stayed as a No. 3 seed if they could have beaten Kentucky. But two losses in three games makes it difficult to remain in a higher seed.

Junior forward John Broome stands at 6-foot-10 and is a great scorer and shot-blocker. He averages 16.2 points per game and is second in the SEC in rebounds (8.4) and blocks (2.4). He was a big reason for their win against Alabama, completing 24 points, seven rebounds, and five blocks. He’ll need to continue that higher level of play for Auburn to go far in the NCAA tournament.

Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats are currently a No. 5 seed team, but that can change quickly as they’re having trouble with consistency. They lost to Gonzaga but then beat Ole Miss (75-63) and Auburn (70-59). Their defense kept their opponents in check, but then they lost to LSU last night 75-74.

Kentucky has two more tests before the end of the season, against Alabama and Tennessee. Hopefully, they can redeem themselves and not drop down in the rankings. If you have fans betting on these games, keep your limits in because there’s no telling which way the games will go.

Florida Gators

The Gators have the same record in the SEC as the Wildcats (8-4 in conference, 18-7 overall) but are all the way down at the No. 8 seed. Unlike the Wildcats, the Gators are on the upswing and quietly rising in the ranks. They won seven of their past eight games before losing a big match against Alabama last night (98-93). They meet the Tide once more before season end, but other than that, they have a relatively easy remaining schedule. This is a team to follow closely.

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