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Price Per Head Tips: How to Increase Betting on NHL Playoff Games

The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs start in about a week. Online bookie agents should prepare for NHL Playoff betting. Preparing might not be enough, though. Agents should also look to increase action on NHL Playoff games.

Below, I list some pointers on how to do that.

How to Increase Betting Action on NHL Playoff Games

First, it’s important to note that per head agents can still squeeze some action out of NHL betting futures. From now until the end of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Playoffs, agents can promote NHL Stanley Cup Futures. Check out a few storylines about this year’s NHL Playoffs that bookies can use to promote future wagers.

Will the Pittsburgh Penguins win their third Stanley Cup in a row?

Can Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals finally win a Stanley Cup?

Are the Nashville Predators due for their first Stanley Cup victory?

Can the Vegas Golden Knights pull off the improbable by winning a Stanley Cup in their first season?

Those are just a few examples of promotional statements to use that will increase Stanley Cup future bets. Make sure to set max betting limits on all Stanley Cup future wagers, though. That can’t be stressed enough.

When it comes to increasing betting on NHL Playoff games, the best tool in a pay per head agent’s arsenal are television listings. The Premium Plan, which goes for $13 per head instead of $10 per head, offers TV listings. Although the NHL hasn’t yet released its full playoff schedule, it will after the regular season.

That’s only a week away. Sign-up for BossAction’s Premium Plan and check the TV listings for which games will be nationally broadcast.

Another great way to increase action on NHL Playoff games is to simply alert sports bettors to the NHL Playoff’s uniqueness. In the NHL Playoffs, the following holds true:

  1. Underdogs win games at a higher percentage than underdogs in the NBA Playoffs, NFL Playoffs, or MLB Playoffs.
  2. Puck line betting can be profitable because it’s often a wager on the favorite at above even money odds.
  3. NHL Playoff betting is a handicapper’s exercise. Those bettors that can handicap NHL Playoff games stand to make a lot of money.

Alerting players to those 3 facts should increase betting on NHL Playoff games. If price per head agents put their minds to it, they can definitely come up with more ways to increase wagering.