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Pay Per Head Tips: Increase MLB Action With Betting Statistics

Online bookie agents can increase MLB wagers by using simple betting statistics. There’s a way to use the simple betting statistics that drums up interest on MLB games. Below, check out how to accomplish this.

Pay Per Head Tips: Increase MLB Action With Betting Statistics

What are simple betting statistics? For baseball, simple betting statistics display a team’s record on the money line, the run line, and over/under totals. Let’s take the Seattle Mariners as an example.

The Seattle Mariners are 47 and 30. Seattle is 17 games above .500. That means on money line wagers, Seattle has profited 17 times more than they’ve lost. This is valuable information that per head agents can use to promote money line wagers on Seattle Mariner games. Agents can even get granular with this info.

The Mariners have accounted for $825 in profit in home games. They’ve accounted for $625 in profit in away games for a total of $1,510. What this means is that the Seattle Mariners often win games on the money line as an underdog.

This is excellent info to pass onto MLB bettors. The reason is because finding dogs that win on the money line is difficult. It’s bound to increase MLB action on Mariner games when they’re dogs.

Seattle is plus $187 on the run line. It’s not necessary to promote the run line although the fact that Seattle is often a dog and still makes a profit on the run line makes Seattle attractive to some baseball bettors. The over is 40 and the under is 36 in Mariner baseball games. That means there is a single game that ended right on the total number.

Over/Under wagering in every sport is popular.

The key about all of this is that it mustn’t be the Seattle Mariners that per head agents promote. They can promote wagering on any MLB team in any game.  They can promote different games at the same time by discussing individual statistics for one or two or three of the teams involved.

It’s up to the individual online bookie agent to decide how to use betting statistics and sportsbook software to promote MLB games. The key is to know how powerful betting statistics can be.