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NBA Update: Dallas, Memphis, Charlotte Scoring Big

Things have gone smoothly for agents that have used their per head software to manage NBA betting. Although some teams like Golden State and Toronto have dominated the league, teams like Dallas, Charlotte, and Memphis have killed it against the spread, so today we have our latest NBA update.

Most casual bettors don’t wager on bad straight up teams. That’s good news for all sportsbook operators that provide wagering services to mostly casual players. Check out our update how to handle betting on the Top 5 ATS NBA squads heading into December.

Top 5 NBA Betting Teams               ATS               

  1. Dallas Mavericks 12-6

Dallas, whom some believe was the worst team in the NBA heading into the season, is only 9-9 straight up. The Mavericks are playing .500 ball, yet they’ve doubled what they’ve won against the spread. At 12-6, Dallas is a big time, money making machine for sports bettors willing to go with them ATS.

Make sure to use your layoff account on Dallas Maverick games. Also, set max betting limits on all Mavericks moneylines.

  1. Charlotte Hornets 12-6

It’s also important to set max betting limits on all Charlotte Hornets moneylines. The Hornets are also 9-9, just like the Dallas Mavericks.  Charlotte’s a big money maker against the spread, equaling what Dallas has done so far this season.

Eventually, odds will catch up to the Hornets. Soon, spread lines shouldn’t favor Charlotte or Dallas as much as they have. Until then, agents should use their layoff accounts.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies 12-6

Spread lines most definitely favor the Memphis Grizzlies, who are tied with Charlotte and Dallas at putting money into bettors pockets. Unlike the other two top NBA teams against the spread going into the final month of 2018, the Grizzlies have produced big profits by winning games against the spread and straight up.

Memphis has rocked it SU, going 12-6. Their ATS and SU mirror records require agents to use pay per head software to manage wagering. Use your layoff account to mange wagering on all Grizzlies games. Set max betting limits on Grizzlies games where they show up as dogs.

One more thing, consider setting max betting limits on Memphis to win both the Western Conference and the NBA Championship. Already, this has proven to be a strange season with teams like Boston and Houston not playing nearly as well as they played last season.

  1. Sacramento Kings 12-7

The Kings have a winning 10-9 straight up record. Sacramento’s another squad that could produce bettor profit. Online bookies must use both their layoff accounts as well as set max betting limits on all Kings’ games.

Don’t worry about setting max betting limits on Sacramento to win the Western Conference or the NBA title. Sacramento’s not good enough. In fact, while it’s important to use the layoff account and set max betting limits on Kings’ moneylines, eventually, Sacramento will start losing games with regularity both SU and ATS.

  1. L.A Clippers 11-7

The Clippers are a decent basketball team. At the time of our latest NBA update LAC’s got a 12-6 straight up record. It should be very tough for the Clippers to win the conference or the NBA Finals. The Clippers will continue to win basketball games although they shouldn’t do much better than 6 to 10 games above .500. Agents must set max betting limits on Los Angeles Clippers moneylines as well as use their layoff accounts in any situations where the Clippers are overplayed.