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Monster Energy Cup Season: Get Ready for the 2019 NASCAR Season

Online bookie agents can be forgiven if they feel somewhat downtrodden after the L.A. Rams and New England Patriots threw down in the 2019 Super Bowl. The Vince Lombardi Trophy game often signals the end of major sportsbook profits, but now we look to other sports like NASCAR, and providing odds on that to keep things flowing.

It’s doesn’t have to be that way, though. Major profits can be had for the rest of the year and well into football season. Those profits could have nothing to do with football season. The way to gain those profits is to promote sports other than the gridiron.

One such sport lasts from mid-February all the way to the end of November. That’s NASCAR. Check out odds on the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Season along with pointers on how to promote one of the most reliable money makers in your sportsbook.

2019 Monster Energy Cup NASCAR Season Odds

Kevin Harvick                       +500

Kyle Busch                             +500

Martin Truex Jr.                   +700

Chase Elliott                          +700

Kyle Larson                           +800

Brad Keselowski                   +800

Joey Logano                          +800

Ryan Blaney                          +1000

Erik Jones                              +1500

Clint Bowyer                         +1800

Denny Hamlin                       +2000

Aric Almirola                        +2500

Jimmie Johnson                    +2500

Kurt Busch                            +3000

The above odds tell us a couple of things. First, winning the Monster Energy Cup, winning the 2019 NASCAR Playoffs, won’t be easy. Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch offer the lowest odds. Both Harvick and Busch entered the 2018 NASCAR Playoffs looking like a winner.

However, they lost to Joey Logano. Logano was a +2000 choice entering the 16-driver playoff. He pulled out the win to score. The best way to encourage wagering on odds to win the NASCAR Playoffs is to discuss Logano’s victory. Once the playoffs start, drivers from the initial 16 drop off every week. That gives drivers offering massive odds, like Kurt Busch, a big chance if he and his crew can get hot at the right time.

Also, in addition to discussing how drivers that don’t appear to have a chance actually do to win the Monster Energy Cup, it’s important to set max betting limits. The odds are excellent on favorites Harvick, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and Chase Elliott.

Any driver before the mid-point of the NASCAR Season has a shot to win the Monster Energy Cup. Don’t let players take advantage of excellent odds.

Individual NASCAR Races

Most individual NASCAR races take place on Sunday. That should help pay per head agents naturally transition their football bettors to NASCAR bettors. Every NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Race will be televised, which means players can wager on every race and watch it.

Odds are the big player advantage, though. Check out a few current odds on the Feb. 17 Daytona 500:

Brad Keselowski                   +800

Joey Logano                          +900

Clint Bowyer                         +1200

Kevin Harvick                       +1200

Denny Hamlin                       +1200

Odds listed are only for the first 5 betting choices. Think about that for a moment. As a per head agent, you can offer wagering on NASCAR races, pretty much every Sunday from Feb. 17 until the end of November, where 3 of the 5 betting options offer odds at double-digits.

That’s incredible, right? Any player that you offer wagering services to should jump at the opportunity to make 12 to 1 on a driver like Kevin Harvick. Heck, Martin Truex Jr. offers +1500 odds to win the Daytona 500.

Odds like what’s above can be had every single weekend. Educate players about how much money they can score if they make only a single winning NASCAR wager every 8 weeks. As with wagering on drivers to win the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup, make sure to set max betting limits on every NASCAR race. At +1200, the payout is $1,200 on a $100 wager.

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