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Online Casino Betting Management With Our Premium Casino Software

As pay per head agents look to add more service software products for their clients, they should look beyond the basic platforms. Adding an online casino betting platform can boost their bottom line. Check out the latest BossAction free betting software platform that’s sure to make you more money.

Businesses strive to increase and grow. That’s true for most companies, whether it’s one that sells lemonade on the sidewalk or your sports betting software provider company. If you aren’t growing and adding more customers, you won’t make more profit.

For some bookmakers, that’s okay. Adding customers isn’t their goal. But for most, adding as many players as possible, and making more money, is the single, most important goal.

At BossAction, we understand what drives bookies – the chance to profit more. That’s why we’re continually adding new and more exciting software betting platforms. Our latest free betting software platform is the Premium Casino

By adding the Premium Casino, agents can compete with their larger peers. Also, they take a step closer to contending with behemoth sportsbooks online, those who could entice their players with bonuses and betting contests. 

How is the BossAction Premium Casino different from the digital casino?

Not all betting software is the same. Most per head companies offer the basics in casino and racebook wagering. But at BossAction, our Premium Casino provides the very best possible. 

Like most players, casino bettors want both options and excitement. No casino player decides to play slot-like games because they want to make money. Instead, those who wager on casino do so because they strive for entertainment.

As opposed to your sportsbook, bookies can’t add basic casino software and expect to gain clients. They also can’t expect their current clients to accept the games on basic sportsbook software packages. 

The BossAction Premium online Casino betting free software provides the following. The three things we’ve listed here should help you profit more.

  • 3D games – 3D is all the rage. The premium casino offers cinematic 3D games. Players can wager on casino options like Gears of Time, Book of Darkness, Primal Hunt, and Take Santa’s Shop. The 3D games use specific software that brings gaming into the 21st century with incredible visual storytelling elements. That makes every game unique.
  • Mobile friendly – Although the technology takes the games to a different level in both the 3D visuals and the stories the games tell, players can wager on every one through a mobile device, including most smartphones and tablets. 
  • Instant return on investment – Unlike sports, casino players know if they’ve won or lost within seconds. Most casino bettors decide on how much they wish to wager for a playing session. They then play up until they’ve lost that amount of money. The goal isn’t to win as much as it’s to provide entertainment at a small cost. The Premium Casino’s nature allows pay per head sportsbook agents to see a return on their investment as soon as possible.
  • Premium Casino is open 24/7 – The casino’s free betting platform is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Anybody who wishes to play in the casino can do so. There are no requirements other than the willingness to play. The casino puts the decision to play, and for how much, in the hands of your players.  

Offer as many free betting software platforms as your competitors and large online sportsbooks

Players want more. Why not give them more? An excellent way to provide them with more is to add the BossAction Premium Casino. Also, the Premium Casino is a turn-key profit generating platform. 

All digital casino games are self-service. The 3D technology, low minimums, and 24/7 player control on when and how much they wish to wager, encourages action. 

But the Premium online Casino betting software isn’t the only free betting software platform that you can add to your offerings. There’s also the Live+ platform, which provides players with game trackers and video streams. Also, you can make payments and collections online via the Agent Payment Solution.

If you have yet to import your players to BossAction, do so soon. The quicker you start your BossAction sportsbook, the faster you can start making extra money with the best referral program in the price per head sportsbook software industry.     

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