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Tips on Using Top Super Bowl Sports Betting Software Provider Tools

On Sunday, February 7, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs hit the Super Bowl LV gridiron. Traditionally, the NFL Championship game is the most wagered upon event of the year. Pay per head agents must ensure they’re using the right sports betting software provider tools and have added the best digital platforms to ensure they make the most profit.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 38-24 to win the AFC Championship, most everyone, not just football fans but almost everyone, understood a couple of things. First, Super Bowl LV had become a historical matchup of gargantuan proportions. Second, every person in your circle, including your grandmother, grandfather, and third-cousin, would hand out betting tips and predictions.

Unlike the Champions League, an eight-month-long soccer tournament to determine the best European club team of the year, the Super Bowl is a single game for all the marbles. The NFL squad that wins the Bowl calls themselves champions for an entire year. 

Also, unlike soccer, the NFL is the largest betting market in the U.S., which is why the National Football League’s Championship match garners the most betting dollars of any single sports event that happens in a year. The 2020 Super Bowl attracted $6.8 billion in betting dollars. 

By all accounts, the 2021 Lombardi Trophy game should break that record. With the growth in online gaming across all sectors, bookmakers who are also sports betting software provider agents shouldn’t be surprised if the total handle on Super Bowl LV exceeds $7 billion.

Read about the tools and additional digital platforms that can help you get your share of the gargantuan Super Bowl betting pie. The tools ensure excellent sportsbook management while prime platforms boost action.

Tools to ensure Super Bowl betting profit

Layoff account

A layoff account is a simple tool that allows you to mitigate betting risk. A few of your players are likely to make gigantic bets on either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs.

The wagers include total over-under bets, which team covers the spread, and on the team to win on the moneyline. Because of each participating team’s quarterback, some Super Bowl bets will exceed the norm.

For example, a player that bet $200 on the Chiefs to cover against the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s Super Bowl could bet $300 or more on the Chiefs this season. 

Tom Brady fans will dump on the Bucs to upset Kansas City on the moneyline. Losing huge moneyline wagers on Tampa, should they win, could destroy a smaller sportsbook. 

Use the layoff account to offload risks on large bets. If a player backs the Buccaneers to win on the moneyline at $1,000, make the same bet for $800 or even $1,000 in your layoff account. At $800, your total risk is $200 times the odds on the Buccaneers.

Use this method for all large Super Bowl bets. Cutting risk on big bets is the best way to ensure you profit on Super Bowl Sunday.  

Betting limits tool

A pre-betting way to control exposure is to set betting limits. Why allow a player to bet $1,000 on either team to win straight up or cover the spread? Set betting limits on your players.

If a player usually bets $200, maybe raise the limit to $300 or $400. Be careful about allowing players to bet as much as they’d like on any Super Bowl bet, though. 

The Super Bowl is the one game of the year where players have access to gobs of information. No player makes a Super Bowl bet without studying every angle. The more a player bets, the more pay per head sportsbook agents can be sure the player has done their homework.

Set legitimate betting limits. Don’t set limits too low or too high. We’ve discussed what can happen if limits are too high. If they’re too low, players will look for alternative sites that offer betting software. 

Wager tickers

BossAction provides numerous wager tickers that alert you when players have made a bet. At that point, the price per head sportsbook agent can decide to accept the wager or not.

Bookies can also decide to use their layoff account. Set up wager tickers through the Instant Action Ticker as well as via email. Any questions? Call a BossAction customer service representative.

Prime platforms to add for more Super Bowl profit

Premium Live+

In recent months, BossAction has added a couple of prime digital platforms that should boost Super Bowl betting action. The first is the Premium Live+ platform.

There’s nothing wrong with Standard Live. If you have no problem with Standard Live, then maybe, you don’t require Live+. But if you want to boost betting action by 15% or more, Live+ is necessary.

The differences between Standard Live and Live+? Live+ has game trackers and video streams. Standard Live doesn’t. Players can watch sports events and check out stats during the game. 

The goal is to keep players on your digital platforms for as long as possible. Adding Live+ with game trackers and streams take away a couple of reasons your players could use to ditch your sportsbook. 

Premium Props

The Super Bowl is the one sports game of the year where every bookie software agent on the planet can offer prop betting options. Super Bowl LV is no different.

By adding Premium Props, you can provide the most possible prop options on the NFL Championship game. Also, Premium Props doesn’t just offer options on football games. 

The platform also provides betting options for NBA, MLB, NASCAR races, and PGA Tournaments. You can’t offer sports options on football after February 7.

With Premium Props, you ensure a 15% rise in action, possibly even more, after football season. Almost as important? Premium Props and Live+ together can guarantee player engagement on your platforms after Super Bowl LV and into the spring and summer.   

Players can fund accounts with the Agent Payment Solution (APS ®) 

If players struggle to fund their betting accounts, they’ll struggle to provide the action you require to make a profit. Some players could give up altogether if they can’t fund their accounts.

The Agent Payment Solution works both ways. You can fund your agent account with credit cards, debit cards, and other banking methods. Your players can use the APS to fund their accounts the same way. 

The Agent Payment Solution gives you an advantage over your peers. If you haven’t yet, make sure to join BossAction as soon as possible. Our current promotion, $3 per head for all prime platforms, including Live+ and Premium Props, lasts until Super Bowl Sunday on February 7. The quicker you sign-up, the more days you have to use our top sports betting software provider tools and platforms.  

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