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NFL Super Bowl 56 Odds Update

With the last game of the regular season coming up this weekend, bettors are looking at the latest Super Bowl 56 odds list for the top teams to see who to bet on to win on February 13th

Some teams have been steadily ranked in the top 10 teams, while others have been changing over the course of the year. It’s definitely heating up for the upcoming playoffs. Not surprisingly, the top ten teams for Super Bowl Futures are also the top 10 teams in the league. Each one of these teams has also clinched a playoff spot. No other teams have clinched a spot going into week 18. 

And just as a side note, these are the only teams to have double-digit wins so far. Besides that, the order of teams in the NFL standings does not necessarily coincide with their standings in the Super Bowl 56 Futures. 

Top 10 Super Bowl Contenders

Green Bay Packers

As of this week, most oddsmakers have Green Bay as the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They’ve been bouncing up and down the top ten spots until a few weeks ago, when they started slowly creeping up and shortening their odds. They’ve won five in a row, even though a couple of those games were tight. They only beat Baltimore 31 – 30 in week 15 and Cleveland 24 – 22 in week 16. 

Their decisive win over Minnesota 37 – 10 last week put Green Bay on top of the list, and they also have the best record in the NFL at 13-3. The Packers Super Bowl odds are currently around +325.

They started the NFL season anywhere from +900 to +1200, which was below the top-rated team, Kansas City. Green Bay stayed below that mark for most of the season and didn’t start their climb until after week 9.

Aaron Rodgers and the team are going into week 18 with a relaxed attitude against the Detroit Lions. They’re still going with a winning attitude, but the game is meaningless as Green Bay has already clinched the No. 1 seed. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were the odds favorites since January 2021. They kept that title right up until October, at which point they bounced around quite a bit before coming back to first place sometime in December. Their recent loss to the Bengals, and Green Bay’s win, is probably why their odds are a little longer, sitting at around +550. The game against the Bengals stopped their winning streak at eight games. It was a heart-breaker considering that they lost 31 – 34 on the last play of the game. Seeing how they respond in their last game of the NFL season against the Broncos (7-9) could give an indication of how they will do in the playoffs. 

With quarterback Mahomes and Tyreek Hill with a team record of 110 receptions so far in the season, they have a strong shot at winning Super Bowl 56. 

They’re currently in sixth place overall in the NFL standings. 

Buffalo Bills

Since April 2021, the Bills (10-6) have been a top-five team for odds to win Super Bowl 56. They temporarily dropped out of the top five in early December before coming up to third place with +750 odds after week 17. They’ve won their last three games and are set to play the New York Jets (4-12) for their final game of the season. 

Buffalo has a versatile team, as shown in their game in week 17. Josh Allen wasn’t throwing well and had three interceptions. They switched to a running game and were able to win the game 29 – 15. It even seemed to improve Allen’s game as he ended up rushing for two touchdowns. 

Buffalo hopes to return to the passing game, which they excel at with Josh Allen at the helm. But it’s good to know that they have options going into the post-season.

They are in eighth place overall in the NFL standings. Although they’ve clinched a playoff spot, they are tied with the New England Patriots for the lead in the AFC East.

Los Angeles Rams

The LA Rams (12-4) are second place overall in the NFL standings. They have clinched a playoff spot but are still battling for top spot in the NFC West. Right on their tails is the Arizona Cardinals (11-5). 

Their opening odds centered around +1200 but quickly moved to +800. They stayed in that area until early December, when they dropped back down to +1200. That’s the time that they lost three straight games. After that, they’ve made up for it by posting a five-game winning streak. 

Their last game of the NFL season against San Francisco should be an exciting one. The 49ers have beat the Rams in their previous five meetings. If the Rams win it, they will take the top spot in the division and possibly improve their odds to win Super Bowl 56. They currently stand at +850.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL Super Bowl 56 Odds UpdateLast year’s champions have not been able to keep the top spot of Super Bowl Futures in the last couple of weeks. They started the season at around +650 and have dropped down to +950. They are in third place overall in the NFL standings, clinching both a playoff spot and the top of the NFC South division. 

You’d think their odds would be better. Most of the season, they had the shortest odds, sometimes dropping to second place. But that all ended on week 15. That’s when they not only lost to the New Orleans Saints (8-8) but got shutout 9 – 0. That dropped them down to third place with +750 odds. They won their next game by a landslide but then had trouble with the New York Jets (4-12). They won that game 28 – 24, but only at the last minute. This has caused their odds to drop again. Some books have them down as far as +950. 

Since the salary cap era, they are the only team to keep their full roster after winning a Super Bowl. But they haven’t been able to keep those players due to injuries on both offense and defense. Tom Brady can still pull it off, but it would have been much easier with a healthy roster.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have been outstanding for most of the season. They had a few average games where they didn’t shine, but those seem to be due to COVID protocols and injuries. Even though they have a great offense, it’s their defense that stands out. Micah Parsons, Demarcus Lawrence, and Randy Gregory are a fantastic trio, with Trevon Diggs to round things out on the back end. 

This team is loaded with talent and looking healthy coming into the playoffs. With Dak Prescott at the helm, the Cowboys are a great bet at the +1100 or +1200 odds that are being offered for them. But they are much higher than the +2500 to +3500 odds they opened the season with. Their loss to the Cardinals (11-5) in week 17 probably kept them from shortening their odds even further. It was a close game, though (22 – 25), which kept their odds to win fairly consistent. 

Tennessee Titans

Another team that seems to have longer odds than they should is Tennessee. They’ve been struggling with injuries all year, bringing new players into the lineup on a moment’s notice. But still, they win somehow. 

They started the season with odds between +2500 and +3000. They gradually rose in the odds rankings until mid-November, when they began their slide, losing three out of four games. Their odds were around +2000, but they’ve been winning since week 15, which has shortened those odds to about +1200. 

I wouldn’t discount the Titans. Their continuous roster changes all year have kept them under the radar of most books, but they are coming into the playoffs relatively healthy. If they can keep their roster in tack for the playoffs, they may surprise a few people. 

Arizona Cardinals

Even with an impressive 11-5 record, the Cardinals’ odds to win Super Bowl 56 are relatively long at around +2000. They started the season with much longer odds, from +3500 to +4000, but kept winning till they shortened them to about +800. But then, starting with week 15, they had a three-game losing streak which saw their odds grow long again. 

It didn’t help to have one of those losses to Detroit, 30 – 12. Their win in week 17 against the formidable Dallas Cowboys could be a sign of a comeback to their original play level. As coach Kingsbury said of the losing streak, “We just went through a tough stretch… Everybody goes through those tough patches, and they either make you a tougher team, or you kind of bow out.” 

The return of Rodney Hudson helped Arizona beat Dallas. The return of D.J. Humphries shows they are getting healthier as the regular season comes to a close. They have their confidence back with the win against Dallas. Their last game will be against the Seattle Seahawks at home. 

New England Patriots

The Patriots (10-6) are among the few teams that have clinched a playoff spot but not the top division spot. They are tied with the Buffalo Bills for first place in the AFC East. The Bills (10-6) get to play the New York Jets (4-12) in week 18, while the Patriots have to take on the Dolphins (8-8). New England has to win if it wants a chance at the top spot. 

They started the season at around +3000 to +3500, but the Patriots Super Bowl odds are now at +1400 with most bookmakers. Mac Jones is a great rookie quarterback who has helped them gain a 7-0 record against losing teams. Unfortunately, they only have a 3-6 record against teams that are above .500. Their last game against the Dolphins should be a good indicator of how they’ll do in the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been added to the top 10 after their crucial 34 – 31 win over the Chiefs in week 17. They started the season with really long odds, anywhere from +8000 to +20000. They now sit at around +1800 with a clinched spot atop the AFC North, but are they still Super Bowl 56 contenders? They take on the Cleveland Browns (7-9) in a meaningless game. The Browns, who sit at the bottom of the AFC North division, crushed the Bengals in week 9. The Bengals might be itching for some payback. 

Even though we’re getting close to playoff action, it’s still pretty crowded at the top. Once the playoffs start, we’ll have a better indication of which teams will dominate. For now, if you want some excellent deals on teams to bet on, better place those wagers soon before those odds shorten up.

NFL Super Bowl 56 Odds Update

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