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Sportsbook Mobile Management Tips

If you’re like most sports bookies, it’s not a full-time gig for you. The last thing you want is to be glued to your computer or stuck at your desk. Bettors have been able to use their smartphones to place their bets and even watch their games. Why can’t bookies do the same? Luckily, sportsbook software has come a long way in the last few years with the transition of mobile phones from cell phones to smartphones. 

The software of sportsbook platforms has become sophisticated enough that you can run your online bookie business on your smartphone. You don’t have to be physically attached to your desk every night or every weekend. As long as you’ve got your mobile phone, you can be making money.

Following are some sportsbook features you want to have on your mobile phone. 

Customize Your Mobile Sportsbook Dashboard

Most software platforms now have a dashboard as the main page so that you can have an overview of everything you need at your fingertips. Whatever applications you use regularly are on the dashboard. And whatever you need to monitor periodically would be on this page as well. But everyone is different. You want a standard dashboard setup, so it’s ready to go, but you want it customizable, in case you ever want to change anything. 

If the company uses the old DGS or ASI software, you probably won’t have the dashboard or other options listed below. You’re much better off using a bookie software company with its own proprietary software. That way, it can keep providing you with new tools like the ones listed here.

Sportsbook Mobile - Alert on phoneGet alerts any time one of your players makes a bet

This is a feature that actually works better on a smartphone. People already set up their phones to give them alerts for anything from a doctor’s appointment to a booty call. Having alerts on your mobile is a great way to keep from falling behind when managing your sportsbook. 

Limit Bets & Move Lines

Being able to limit your player’s bets or move the lines to balance your book is also necessary to run your business from wherever you are. If you have to wait till you get back to your computer to limit a player, you may run the risk of your book being out of balance. When betting increases for a game, you want to handle any issues from where you are. Not later, when you get back to your computer. If your sportsbook software can’t do this from your phone, you may want to consider another platform. 

Use a Layoff Account

If you’re able to limit your bettors and move the lines promptly, you may never need to use a layoff account. But now and then, you might get a sharp player who places a large bet that everyone else follows. You’ll want a handy layoff account just for one of those circumstances. Again, if the bookie software company uses old DGS or ASI software, you probably don’t have this option.

Betting - Sportsbook MobileMake and Receive Payments

A particularly annoying part of running a sportsbook is the payment system. Most of the time, you have to use a third-party system like Venmo or PayPal to transfer money. Ideally, the payment system is built into the bookie software. You can find companies that have the payment system built into their software. This is critical if you want to run your sportsbook through your mobile phone easily. 

Administration & Reports

Thankfully, this isn’t something you need to do from your phone. There’s no urgency that we can think of that you need to create a report from your phone that you would have to wait until you got back to your office to print anyway. So, if anyone tries to sell you on having this capability on your phone, just back away slowly.

The Software is the Key

If you are a bookie but aren’t yet comfortable working from your phone, you can still use your computer, but at least set up your phone to alert you whenever one of your bettors places a bet. That way you won’t miss something because you went to the bathroom.

If you want to run your sports betting business from your smartphone, make sure the software’s mobile version has all the functions you want it to have. BossAction has its own proprietary software that provides you with the most up-to-date features for a bookie on a laptop or smartphone. 

Our software is so good that bookies that transfer over to us see an average of 23% more profits, no matter what size book they have. 

Join now and get 2 weeks without any pay per head fees. Call BossAction at 1-800-339-4108 while we still have the offer. We’ll give you 2 weeks free to see how well you can run your book from your smartphone. 

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