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What Is A Sports Betting Agent? Beginner’s Guide

In the world of betting, it can sometimes be tricky to tell the difference between different agents.

With sports betting in particular, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a bookie and a sports betting agent.

This isn’t ideal, as it is very important that you know the difference between the two before you consider placing any bets.

It is especially important to know the difference between the two if you are considering a career in this field.

When it comes to betting, sports betting is a whole different ball game. There are lots of different terms and other things that you need to make yourself familiar with.

In this beginner’s guide, we’re focusing on sports betting agents, and telling you everything that you need to know about what they are, and what they do.

If you want to find out more, keep on reading!

What Are Sports Betting Agents?

First, let’s take a look at exactly what a sports betting agent is.

In order to fully understand this, you really need to know what the difference is between this position and someone working as a bookie.

So, let’s take a look at the definition of both of these positions.

What Is A Bookie?

First things first, what is a bookie? If you have ever placed a bet in a betting shop, then you will likely be familiar with what a bookie is.

In short, a bookie is the individual who manually takes and accepts a bet from a person looking to place a bet.

If the person who placed the bet then goes on to win their bet, then it is the bookie that will pay them their winnings.

This isn’t all that a bookie will do. In addition to taking bets, the bookie will also set the odds, arrange the payments, and adjust the lines in order to reduce the risk for the betting shop.

Originally all of these things would have been done manually by the bookie, but now-a-days a lot of these jobs are completed by computer software.

The bookie simply manages the software that does the work.

What Is A Sports Betting Agent?

Well, a sports betting agent is an agent that works specifically with sportsbook bets.

The job of the agent is not quite as straightforward as the job of a bookie, and that is because their job essentially works in two different directions.

In one direction there is the bookie, and in the other there is the sportsbook.

If you are a sports betting agent that works with bookies, then you will help the bookie manage their business.

The bookie will work directly with the customers, while the sports betting agent will work on a different section of the business.

In contrast, if you work with the sportsbook, then your job will be a little more like a bookie – including taking bets, supplying the sportsbook, and making a small amount of money from any profit made in the bets.

If you search online for what a sports betting agent is, then the definition may differ. But all in all, this is generally what the job of a sports betting agent consists of.

What Is Bookie Software?

What is a Sports Betting Agent

As we have mentioned, a number of the jobs that were once completed manually by the bookie are now completed by computer software.

Software is able to calculate odds much quicker and effectively than humans, so it makes sense to use them for the more complex areas of the business.

If you are working as a sports betting agent for a bookie, then managing this software may be part of your job.

Typically, you will use pay per head sports betting agent software for this job.

The software will provide the sports games, the lines, and the bets that should be considered for the games in question.

For each player that joins the sportsbook, a small fee will be paid by the sports betting agent.

But this fee will quickly be recouped in the percentage of the profits that are directed towards the sports betting agent.

Why Should You Consider Working With A Bookie?

If you are considering working as a sports betting agent, then you essentially have two options available to you: work with a bookie, or work alone.

Many sports betting agents end up choosing the bookie route, and that is because this sort of job is very different from if you work alone.

Some people question why you would consider working with a bookie when there is such a wide range of online sportsbooks available.

The main reason for this is that working with a bookie makes resolving issues much easier. When everything is online, resolving issues can be very tricky as you cannot deal with people face to face.

This can quickly grow frustrating, and this is the main reason why many people end up switching to working with a bookie.

Working with a bookie can allow you to have a much more personal feel, and the customer service available when working with a bookie is simply unbeatable.

This is why many people consider working with a bookie.

What Is Pay Per Head Sports Betting Agents Software?

Let’s wrap this up by taking a look at exactly what pay per head sports betting agents software is.

As the name suggests, this is essentially just sports betting software that allows individuals to join on a pay per head basis.

For each person that the sports betting agent recruits, a small fee will be charged. The fee will be relatively small and can be easily recouped with each win that a customer makes.

The software will calculate the pay per head fee, reducing the amount of work that the sports betting agent software must do, and generally making life easier all round.


In short, a sports betting agent is essentially just an agent that can either work alone or with a bookie to make money through customers placing bets.

We have explored everything you should know about sports betting agents at a beginners level in this guide.

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