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Bookie Tips: Best Online Sportsbook Features Players Consider

When shopping around for sportsbook pay per head software, a bookie spends most of his time looking for features most important for them. However, you must also consider what online sportsbook features are critical to your players. If their experience with the software isn’t ideal, they may shop around for another sports bookmaker.

Here are the top features players love most about their sportsbook.

It’s All About the Dashboard

If you’re using a good online sportsbook provider, one of the features will be that each of your players should get their own webpage to bet from. The dashboard of the webpage is the key to your players’ satisfaction. This is where your players will be spending most of their time researching, choosing, and placing their bets. 

Make sure they have all they need at their fingertips:

  • All the sports that are available to bet on
  • All the types of bets they can make, including live bets
  • A direct connection to available internet casino games
  • Information on their betting history
  • All the data on their open bets
  • An Injuries list

Sports Available to Bet on

If it’s a sports bet, covering the top North American leagues should cover a high percentage of what your players want to be on. But often, you’re going to get foreign players that have moved to the US and want to continue betting on their “local” sport. Providing a broader range of sports leagues is a good idea for those players. 

People tend to stick with the sport they grew up with. They may also add North American sports to their playlists if they move here, but their first love will be their strongest. If you can give them that sport, they’ll stay with you for life. 

Best Online Sportsbook Features Players ConsiderCasino Betting Between Games

Your players are predominantly sports fans and focus on games they wish to bet on, but occasionally, they want to play games of chance, including blackjack and poker. Whether they use a casino a little or a lot, one needs to be part of your sportsbook, or you’ll lose players. Better yet, find one with live dealers and 3D slots, and table games. It will keep them on your site longer and fill in whenever there isn’t a game to bet on.

Organizing the Information is the Key

It’s one thing to provide every feature for every type of bet, sports league, and casino game, but the key is how well it’s organized. Your player’s dashboard has to be well-designed to keep everything simple and self-explanatory. Always check out the player’s side of the software and make sure you understand it easily because you might have to answer some questions on it later. 

If you like it, you’ll be able to promote it honestly. There’s nothing worse than dealing with unhappy players complaining about the software that you find subpar. Start with a superior product you know your players will like.

Types of Bets They Can Make

It goes without saying that the more types of bets they can make, the more extensive range of players you can bring in, and the more money you can make. The software has to provide props, live action, and parlays if you want to bring in more bets per player.

Best Online Sportsbook Features Players ConsiderOnline Sportsbook Payment System Features

Nobody likes making payments, so don’t make this more upsetting than it needs to be. They’ll want lots of choices of how to pay, including credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, from their computer or mobile. And keep it as easy, safe, and anonymous as possible. 

A critical feature of a player getting paid is how quickly they can get their money. As a pay per head bookie, you have an advantage over large, internet sports books. You can pay players at a moment’s notice. This can be a game-changer for some players. They tend to leave their money in their betting wallet, but when they need it, they need it now. 

Being responsive to the financial side is another way of keeping your players over the long haul. The large sportsbooks are much less personal and responsive, making it difficult for them to get and retain loyal customers.  

How Easy is the Software to Use?

Nobody likes to learn how to use a new piece of software. Sometimes just hitting one snag can put you off from going back to that software. If possible, try out the player side of all the betting agents’ software platforms to see how intuitive they are to use and if they have all the features and functions you’re looking for. If it doesn’t excite you to start laying bets, odds are your players will feel just as disinterested. 

Get the pay per head software that your players will love to use as often as possible. BossAction has live demos for players and agents, so you can try out both sides to see that we have all the features you want and need to run a fantastic online sportsbook. Our proprietary software has the best payment system on the market. Make deposits and payments in many ways, including cryptocurrencies, debit, and credit cards. 

Become a bet Boss. Join now and get 100% cash back for up to 3 months, depending on your number of players. Call 1-800-339-4108 to see how many months you qualify to get back. 

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