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Betting Agent Tips: Managing NFL Betting Action

Well, it’s official for Week 5 of 2022. Any team in the NFL can be beaten, except maybe the Eagles, who are the only undefeated team so far. But it’s early in the season. All eyes will be on Philadelphia to see how long this winning streak can last.

Most of the betting nation has been struggling this season. The underdogs seem to be turning the tables on the expected leaders. But that just makes things more exciting. Where would the fun be in that if the experts could predict every season?

Because of this unpredictability, bookies need to be more diligent than usual in checking their players and bets more regularly. Luckily, pay per head software has tools available to help betting agents successfully manage their sportsbooks.

Set Bet Alerts

Get alerted whenever one of your bettors places a bet. It’s a good practice to have so you know the status of your book whenever a change occurs. But a more significant purpose is to avoid steam play. If a professional bettor places a bet on one side, others tend to follow suit. This might force you to move the lines drastically, creating steam odds. Having to make big swings in the odds is not a good position for a bookie to be in. 

Betting Agent Tips: Managing NFL Betting ActionIf you don’t want to move the lines, you have a couple of options:

  1. Use your layoff account to mirror the bets. If you all win, you can pay your players with your layoff account winnings. You can pay off the layoff account with their losses if you all lose.
  2. Don’t take the bet. If you suspect this is a steam play, you can refuse to accept the bet and remove it from the board. That will stop the problem before it starts. However, if you choose this option, it may cause the professional bettor to find another bet he can do this on, and you’ll have to remove other bets as well. This may upset your other players, who could end up going to another sport bookmaker.
  3. Do a combination. Move the line a small amount. Enough to get some action on the other side of the bet, but not enough to create steam odds. If you don’t get enough bets on the other side, use your layoff account for what’s left over. This account takes away your risk, but it also takes away your profits, so only use it when you have to.

Set Bet Limits

This is an excellent practice to get into so that the amount of money coming in isn’t more than you can manage. Get in the practice of setting your limits at a specific rate until you’re comfortable with the amount of action your book is getting. Then increase those limits as your bankroll and experience improve. 

Don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking you can use your layoff account when you’re in a tough spot. That should be your last resort. Putting your limits in at levels that you’re comfortable with is an easy way to manage your growth. 

If you do things well, you shouldn’t have to use the layoff account very often because you’ve been good at keeping those circumstances from happening. Any business works better if it does a smooth climb instead of a rollercoaster ride of big highs and deep lows. That adds unnecessary stress. Use your limits and alerts to grow your business smoothly.

Offer Premium Services

These services are usually an added cost, so it’s best not to offer them to all of your players. The players that don’t bet much or often could end up costing you money. Premium services can make you more money, but you need to manage that well. Start with a few of your best players. Set them up with a service you think they’ll like the best:

  • 3D Casino games
  • Live dealers for blackjack, Texas hold ‘em, or baccarat
  • Premium props. These are ideal for the NFL season, as your players can bet on the players of each game. How many running yards, for example.
  • Live, in-game betting, which includes game trackers and video streams. 

Get Ready for NFL Week 6

This week’s top game will be between the two teams with the best odds of winning the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills will be visiting the Kansas City Chiefs in what could be a preview of an AFC Championship. Watch your limits and your software betting alerts.

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