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Use Sports Betting Software for Android and iPhone

If you’re an online sports agent, you want to know that the sports betting software you’re using is just as good on your mobile phone as it is on your desktop computer. You want to know that you can be away from your desk and still be able to manage your bookie business. On top of that, it’s important that your players can easily place bets on their phones. If you’re not happy, that’s bad enough, but if your players aren’t happy, they can easily go to another bookie. 

Mobile Sports Betting Software for Android and iPhone

Are Your Sports Betting Customers Getting a Good Mobile Experience?

Many of the bookie sportsbook platforms out there are based on someone else’s software. In other words, they don’t write the software themselves. They buy it from a supplier who sells the same software to several companies. They simply make a few cosmetic changes for each one. That means that a lot of the bookie platforms you find on the internet are basically the same. 

Use Sports Betting Software for Android and iPhoneThe main reason companies buy their software (instead of designing their own) is the upfront cost. It’s cheaper in the beginning. But because of that, they can’t make any changes or updates to their bought software platform. Are they optimized for the mobile phone? Will it be easy to use with an Android phone or an iPhone? It’s bad enough if you can’t run your business from a cell phone, but what if your bettors can’t use their phones to bet? 

Don’t wait for your players to get annoyed with your sportsbook software and move to another bookie. Make sure that the software you use has the latest features and updates. Even better, find out if they design their software or buy it.

At BossAction, we don’t base our sports bookie software off of any other software platform. We’re a bunch of bookies that got together to create our own software. That way, we’re in charge of what we design. And that’s how we stand out. We don’t look like all the other online bookies. We continue to provide the best experience for you as an agent and for your bettors. 

Most sports betting players now use their mobile phones to bet on. More agents use their phones to run their businesses. And it makes sense. Who wants to be tied to their computer every weekend to run their bookie business, or even to place a bet? 

Everyone Has Their Phone Handy

In the latest revision of our software, we designed it from the mobile phone perspective first. We made sure that it was designed for the phone for both you and your bettors. And you’ll still get the same features on your phone as you do on your computer including:

  • getting alerts whenever one of your players makes a bet
  • being able to move lines
  • setting limits on your players
  • giving access to your player for premium services
  • using your layoff account
  • receiving payments from your players

Because the software is online, it doesn’t matter which type of mobile phone you own. It works just as well on any of them. But we did make sure that it worked well on all the major web browsers. So, if you’re using Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Explorer, or many others, you and your players will get a great experience. 

Don’t Get Left Behind the Mobile ExpressSports Betting Software for Android and iPhone

If you’re not sure if BossAction is the right sportsbook platform for you, we’re currently running a 2 weeks free promo. Try out all of our services at $0 per head for 2 weeks and see if we’re not the best online bookie software you’ve ever seen. And check with your players. Find out how much they prefer our sports betting software on their computer or their phone. 

If that doesn’t convince everyone, wait till you try our proprietary payment system. No one else has it. It’s easy and secure, and there are lots of payment options available. 

Don’t let your sportsbook suffer because the software platform you’re on is still old-school and doesn’t work well on a mobile phone. Get with the times. Make sure you have the most up-to-date bookie management software on the internet. You’ll be able to run your business more efficiently and from wherever you are, plus, your players will enjoy the mobile betting experience you’ll be bringing to them. And they won’t want to go anywhere else.

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