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Prepare For the Season with BossAction Proprietary NFL Software

We know that the best time for sports bookies using our proprietary software is during the NFL season. It’s still a couple of months off, but by now, your players are getting excited and checking all the latest news to figure out which teams will be battling for the top spots.

As a bookie, your best way to promote your business is to provide tips to your players so they can decide which players or teams to bet on. The biggest reason people don’t bet is that they can’t decide. Give them more information so they can. Post information on all the NFL teams and top players to get your guys excited. And whenever you send them info, remind them of our new ClubPoker offering. 

Poker and Football

BossAction Proprietary Software

Why ClubPoker? Because while they’re waiting for football to start, they can get a few poker games in. You’re not just a sports bookie if you’re a BossAction agent. You’re also an online casino with your own poker room. You can line up the poker players in your group or include them with players from other Boss Agents. 

Because we developed the BossAction software platform ourselves, with ClubPoker, we’ve taken out the risks to bookies. You take the rake from each hand, no matter who wins the pot. Your job is to manage your poker players by connecting them with players at their levels and limiting their action so they don’t get discouraged because of significant losses. 

Get Your Own Website

ClubPoker is just the latest in our long list of features that we provide. You can now easily compete with online betting sites like Betfastaction or Fire22. You don’t even need to spend money on your website. We provide one for you. But if you want a particular look, we’d be happy to customize your site for a modest fee. 

If you’re having trouble with the bookie software you’re currently using, call our customer service reps and ask how our software fixes those problems. Not only does our software help you run your sportsbook, but it also makes you more money because bookies, on average, who transfer to BossAction, see an increase in their profits. 

Unmatched Payment System

Our PPH software also improves your players’ experiences. Their website is as good as the top online sports betting sites, and our payment system is second to none. As a bookie, you can receive payments by almost any means your players want. To make it even more convenient for both parties, you don’t have to leave our online sports betting software platform to do it. They can make payments to you right from our betting site. 

Payments are convenient, secure, discrete, and fast. We designed it ourselves because we knew that’s what bookies and bettors wanted—less time handling payment issues, more time having fun. 

That’s why we also know that ClubPoker will be a massive winner for you. We designed it from a bookie’s perspective. We took out your risk, kept it as simple as possible, and made the player experience top-notch. If your player is an NFL and poker fan, they’ll have all they need to be entertained throughout the entire year with our proprietary software. 

Once you have enough poker players, set up tournaments around the NFL season. There’s no longer any reason a bookie’s business has to start and end with NFL football. 

BossAction Proprietary SoftwareGetting Ready for the 2022 NFL Season

Can you provide your players with all the types of bets they want to participate in for this NFL season? Are your bettors’ websites set up to show them everything they want? Are the betting lines all set to go? Do they have suggestions of props bets already set up? 

You’ll make more money on average if you provide your players with BossAction premium props bets. NFL season is a great time to see for yourself. We also have premium casino and live dealers for those who want the Las Vegas experience from their homes.

Not a BossAction agent yet? Sign up now before the NFL season starts, and get two weeks free to plan out your new bookie business with our proprietary software. Our people are here to help you work that out. They’re ready to consult with you and answer all your questions about our proprietary software.

And when you’re ready to make a move, we’ll quickly transfer your players and get your website ready to go. Call now and let our reps show you all the software features that will make your bookie business run smoothly and profitably so you can have your best NFL season – and your best NFL off-season!

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