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The Best Cities In The US To Be A Football Fan

With the NFL in full flow and excitement over who will be crowned NFL champions reaches fever pitch, friends are gathering countrywide to place bets and generate some excitement between them. With this in mind, the team at Boss Action, providers of bookie software, have created an in-depth study analyzing just where is best to live or visit as a football fan…

We’re currently well into the NFL season, and as excitement over who will be crowned NFL champions reaches fever pitch, we thought it would be a good idea to see which American city is the best place to live as a football fan. 

We’ve considered stats such as the number of championship victories, and the price of a delicious hotdog and a cold beer in NFL stadiums. We’ve also considered figures like city population to determine which city is the best place to be as an NFL fan. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the results so you can see where the best football fans thrive.

The 5 Best US Cities To Be A Football Fan

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Total Score 4.40, Index Score 1
  2. Green Bay, Wisconsin – Total Score 4.19, Index Score 0.95
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana – Total Score 3.91, Index Score 0.89
  4. Baltimore, Maryland – Total Score 3.79, Index Score 0.86
  5. Boston, Massachusetts – Total Score 3.77, Index Score 0.86

With the average price of beer at an NFL stadium being $9.56, the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium is one of the best places to enjoy a beer during the game with their beer costing just $9.29. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, a hotdog costs just $3.25, so you can stuff your face to your heart’s content!

The 5 Worst US Cities To Be A Football Fan

  1. Los Angeles, California – Total Score 2.38, Index Score 0.54
  2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Total Score 2.45, Index Score 0.56
  3. Jacksonville, Florida – Total Score 2.59, Index Score 0.59
  4. Chicago, Illinois – Total Score 2.63, Index Score, 0.60
  5. Seattle, Washington – Total Score 2.70, Index Score, 0.61

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States at 4,085,014 people and while this makes for a vibrant, bustling city it also has its downsides too, namely pollution and overcrowded venues. Meanwhile, the TIAA Bank Field (the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars) charges an eye-watering $11.50 for beer, which doesn’t make it the most budget-friendly stadium to watch a game in.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The US city to be the best football fan in is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, being the 25th most expensive city in North America to live in and selling beer at below-the-average price at NFL stadiums. Meanwhile, the worst city to be a football fan is the expensive, highly populated Los Angeles.