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Bookie Tips: Key Factors To Managing A Successful NBA Sportsbook

You might think that every sports league is the same as far as betting goes. For the most part, you’d be right. But there are a few unique items the NBA has that can help a bookie grow a successful sportsbook. 

With the abundance of stats in any sport, your players can find what they need to help them make the best bets they can. You have to go one step further to ensure your sportsbook stays safe and continues to be successful. It’s all in the planning and knowing what to look for. Here are some tips to help you manage your NBA fans better.

Back-to-Back Games

MLB baseball might have double-headers, but the NBA is unique in the sporting world of not only having back-to-back games but sometimes even having back-to-back-to-back games. That offers a rare opportunity to sports fans that want to bet on that third game. 

Keep an eye on those games by putting some limits in so you aren’t caught off guard. Or, if you have the time, check if the top players were rested during the first two games. Another thing to check is whether it’s an Eastern Conference team against a Western team. Over the last few seasons, the West has been a lot tougher, so they would have the advantage in the third-consecutive game.

In-Play NBA Sportsbook Betting

Upsets happen all the time in the NBA. It’s relatively common to see 20-point comebacks. And the talent level for three-point shots has increased dramatically over the last few years. Keep your limits in for in-game betting, so those same upsets don’t affect you too much. 

Key Factors To Managing A Successful NBA SportsbookInjuries

This is often the most critical information for a fan to consider when betting on the NBA. That’s why having up-to-date injury reports on your sportsbook software is essential. If it’s a key player, it can make a massive difference to the outcome of the game and your bookie business’s success. 

With only 9 to 12 players on a rotation any given night, one injury can significantly impact a team, especially if they don’t have much depth.

The group that creates the initial lines will take all that into account, but you still have to watch the bets coming in. Enthusiastic players are going to jump on injuries, thinking they’ve found a deal, and you end up with more risk than you want. 

Spotting a key injury lets you know what to watch for so you’re ready to move the lines if needed.

Planning Now will Avoid Scrambling Later on

You and your players have the benefit of all the NBA stats available online. But your sportsbook should also have a history of your player stats. You can see what kind of bets they make and where they are the most successful. This is your edge. Knowing your players’ trends and successes at each bet type will help you best manage them and your NBA sportsbook.

Doing this type of research helps your planning. Once you get players coming to your site to bet, your challenge is to reduce your risks as much as possible in each game. The NBA has many games each season, so researching and planning for the bets will manage your sportsbook success.

Key Factors To Managing A Successful NBA SportsbookBossAction pay per head software has all the tools you need to do your planning. 

  • You can limit the bets across the board, with individual players or types of bets. 
  • Your lines are set up for you each game, but you can move them anytime to get more money on the other side of the bet. 
  • Our reports cover your general history as well as more precise reports on each player or each type of bet. 

It’s good to know the sports stats and injury reports, but it’s also just as important to know your players’ stats and how successful their software betting history is. 

Basketball is a fast-paced game with fewer stops in play than in most leagues. Plan ahead so you’re not scrambling to keep up with the in-game betting. Get your limits in early and monitor those bets so you can move those lines at a moment’s notice. 

And if you get stuck, you have access to a layoff account whenever you need it. 

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