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Bookies Thrive When Using A Top-Rated PPH Service

Over the past few years, the world for bookies has changed dramatically. Any bookie that wishes to put their business online, needs to consider a PPH service.

The pay per head sector began to take off about the same time as the first offshore sportsbooks began to expand their markets using online betting platforms over the internet.

The main objective was to create the necessary software tools for fully automating and running an online private bookie business.

In this article, we will discuss why bookies need to use a top-rated PPH service. 

What Is A PPH Service?

Operating your own sportsbook business by accepting bets on specific sports and games is known as pay per head (or PPH).

It is dubbed “Pay Per Head” services because you are essentially compensated for each individual you bring into your betting pool.

Many people and prospective investors desire to break into the online sports betting market, but they discover that they lack the time and finances to do so.

For instance, a small family-run bar may wish to offer sports betting to its customers as an added service while they are there.

However, for bookies, a PPH service allows them to reach more customers with their business.

How Does PPH Service Work For Bookies?

In the old days, bookies had to jot down customer bets on paper. Then record the details of each transaction on a spreadsheet to keep records of everything.

In this regard, pay per head has significantly altered the game. This is because a bookie has access to sportsbook software when he registers with a PPH Shop.

All the data related to the bookies gaming and sports betting operations are contained in this data management application.

The agent may quickly and simply verify the wagering and gambling information relating to the activity of his players using this program. What’s better is that they can do it in real-time as well.  

Why Should You Use A Top Rated PPH Service?

When you work with a respectable pay per head business, you have access to a number of services. This will make it easier for your business to succeed in the cutthroat environment of today.

There are numerous features to look out for. Therefore, look for a PPH service that allows you to select any or all of them. 

The main one is a sizable betting board. The amount of sports you can bet on is constrained when running a bookie business by yourself.

Bookies Thrive When Using a Top-Rated PPH Service

You can only offer your players a fixed number of bets, in turn. With a premium pay per head, however, that is not the case. 

All sports and a large range of wagers, including futures and props, can be found on your board. Players enjoy having options, therefore if you don’t offer them they will look elsewhere.

A highly organized and functional website, live betting, round-the-clock customer service, and more are additional features to be aware of.

To provide you the best chance of success, the top PPH providers will provide you a variety of features and choices.

Top Rated PPH Services To Consider

Pay per head services have begun to thrive recently. As a result, there are various businesses to choose from. Below, we have put together a couple of the best and top-rated PPH services you may wish to consider yourself.

Ace Per Head

Compared to a lot of PPH services, Ace Per Head offers more betting alternatives. They have been in operation for more than 25 years and have English-speaking American customer care agents.

They all have ten years of industry experience, making it simple to converse with them.

Real Bookies

Real Bookies are available around-the-clock and can help you with any needs you may have.

Additionally, they provide a ton of helpful reports that bookies can utilize to better understand the kind of action they are getting and how they are performing in various categories.

They charge a reasonable $10 per week for each player who is actively playing.

Pay Per Head

Another organization with a lengthy history in the industry is Pay Per Head, which has the expertise to help inexperienced and seasoned bookies.

They take security seriously and provide the most cutting-edge pay-per-head solutions to guarantee that your data is always 100% secure on any kind of device you use.


Every bookie needs to be using a high-quality PPH sportsbook service if they wish to grow and continue their business. There are various organizations out there that can help you when it comes to pay per head software.