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Full Online Bookmakers Site List

The online bookmakers market has undergone a rapid change in just a few years. When PASPA ended in 2018, and online betting became legal in many states, online bookmakers quickly rushed to establish themselves in a burgeoning marketplace.

For players, finding a safe and reputable bookmaker became a key concern. For bookies, the struggle was standing out in a crowded market. 

But while some bookmakers looked for new ways to attract players, there were still some basic features that couldn’t be overlooked. Online bookmakers have to be safe for players, operate legally within the state, and offer good odds.

To help players and bookies navigate the marketplace, we’ve compiled this guide to online bookmakers’ websites. From the major players to smaller businesses, this full list encompasses the best and brightest of online betting. 

Online Bookmakers Site List

Online bookmakers have been able to operate in the United States of America since the repeal of PASPA in 2018. An online bookmaker must have a license for each state it operates in and all players must bet from the state they are physically in.

In this guide, we’ve attempted to compile a full list of online bookmakers’ sites. We haven’t included any overseas sites that don’t appear to operate legally within the U.S.

While some of these sites operate in a legal gray space, they rarely offer the securities needed for safe betting.

The online bookmaker market is constantly expanding, as more places acquire licenses to operate with the states. Although we’ve tried to include all the safe sites we can, the rapidly developing marketplace means there might be some we missed.

888Sport Sportsbook

888Sport was an off-shoot of the popular brand, which offered sports, poker, and casino betting. With a large range of sports and frequent bonuses, it was definitely an appealing site, although it never made large strides in the U.S. market.

888Sport operated for a limited period in New Jersey, but no longer appears to be live in the U.S. at all.

However, as the international 888 Holdings brand is still going, it might not be the end of 888. 888 Holdings has partnered with Sports Illustrated to provide a sportsbook service in some states.

Action 24/7

Action 24/7 is a Tennessee sportsbook found and operated by Tennessee locals. It offers a good range of sports, including all the big hitters, with a focus on Tennessee favorites. As well as a desktop website, Action 24/7 also operates a sportsbook app.

For Tennessee locals, Action 24/7 might not have the variety of the larger betting sites. However, it does offer exceptional customer service.

As a small site with a local focus, a player can expect a personalized experience whenever they place a bet. If you have a problem, Action 24/7 is just a phone call away.

Action 24/7 doesn’t have a large reach, but it is a strong performer. Any players in Tennessee who want a friendly service should see what it can prove.  


AmWager is an online betting site exclusively focused on horse racing. It’s a customer-focused bookie, aiming to provide a smooth service to players. With free sign-up, it’s easy to join AmWager, have a look around, and see how it works.

AmWager offers regular updates on all bets and wagers, claiming to provide new information up to 60x faster than their competitors. AmWager also provides free access to Form2Win, allowing users to place educated wagers.

While the limited sports coverage will mean AmWager won’t appeal to everyone, the site is impressively designed. With access to live streaming as well as replays of past events, it’s a complete website for any fans of horse racing.

Barstool Sportsbook

Run by the popular Barstool brand, Barstool Sportsbook is a slick and professional online bookmaker. It quickly established itself as a major player in the online sportsbook space, thanks to the dedicated Barstool Sports fans who joined the platform.

But you don’t have to be a fan of the Barstool Sports blog to appreciate what the betting site has to offer. Covering a large number of sports with a license to operate in various states, Barstool Sportsbook is an accessible platform for many.

The lucrative bonus offers and sign-up bonuses are definitely attractive.

Barstool Sportsbook still has some room for improvement — better withdrawal options would be great — but this user-friendly sportsbook provides easy betting for passionate fans.


The Bally brand was already an icon in the betting space before BallyBet was created and the online sportsbook has a big reputation to live up to. After a slow start, BallyBet seems to be growing into its name.

From the off, BallyBet has offered excellent odds with frequent promotions to keep players interested. The customer support is impressive, providing quick results for users. For those already familiar with the Bally Brand, BallyBet maintained its trusted reputation.

While the app and website were perhaps lacking in functionality at the launch, a rebrand is looking to elevate BallyBet to the top of the online bookmaker space.

As the app and overly simple website were definite issues for users, it’s good to see BallyBet respond to complaints.

Bet365 Sportsbook

BetUSA is one of the biggest names in international online betting and it’s already making waves in the U.S. An established name with a good deal of trust, Bet365 offers excellent odds and fantastic customer service.

One of the highlights of Bet365 is its range of sports. It has all the big hitters, plus smaller sports that can be harder to find represented by other sportsbooks.

This includes esports, which has decent representation on the website. Despite the large number of offerings, Bet365 remains easy to navigate.

In some states, Bet365 also operates an online casino. This isn’t quite as highly rated as the sportsbook, although the diversity is appreciated. However, if you’re looking exclusively for an online casino, Bet365 isn’t your best choice.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Created by MGM Resorts International in partnership with Entain Holdings, BetMGM offers an exceptional service for players. Holding licenses in multiple sites, BetMGM is an accessible bookmaker that prioritizes user experience.

The easy-to-operate desktop website is supported by an equally user-friendly mobile app. Users, both new and established, can quickly find their bets, their sports, and their closed action. The only downside is the less-than-robust customer support.

As a partnership with European company Entain, BetMGM offers a large range of “niche” sports. The live-streaming option creates a sport-focused experience, but as you might expect from an MGM brand, the sportsbook also links to a casino.


With a sleek and attractive design, BetPARK is designed to appeal to the modern player. Claiming to offer a “fun” experience, BetPARX aims to capture the live betting experience from the comfort of your home.

BetPARX is an attractive sportsbook, but it’s more than just an appealing design. It offers both sports betting and casino options, with multiple betting types for a surprisingly large range of sports.

The casino options are also varied, but sports betting is the stronger side of the site.

BetPARX currently only operates in a small number of states. However, expansion is definitely on the cards. If you don’t currently have access to BetPARX in your state, keep an eye out for it at a future date.

Full Online Bookmakers Site List

BetRivers Sportsbook

Combining a vibrant design with an impressive range of sports and plenty of offers, BetRivers is a top choice for many players. The mobile app and desktop site are both easy to use, while the fun graphics should appeal to new customers.

BetRivers operates in multiple states. For fans of local sports, BetRivers offers an experience tailored to your location. However, there aren’t many limits when it comes to BetRivers.

From U.S. favorites to international leaders, there’s a lot to keep players occupied.

One stand-out feature of BetRivers is the reward scheme. This encourages players to keep using BetRivers, rather than spread their action around multiple sites.

BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS is an all-around online bookmaker that provides multiple options to appeal to a wide variety of players. Combining a well-organized website with a vast range of betting choices, BetUS is one of the biggest players in the market.

BetUS is a well-established name, so customers expect a certain degree of quality. When it comes to the sportsbook, BetUS does deliver.

There are a huge number of sports covered by BetUS, as well as a robust horse racing section. And thanks to the streaming and news section, BetUS also acts like a sports entertainment site.

In addition to the sportsbook, BetUS also runs an impressive online casino. The regular tournaments are a plus for serious players.

Betway Sportsbook

There’s a modern feel to the Betway site, an online sportsbook with a growing outreach. The sleek website is supported by an easy-to-use app, creating a betting experience that should appeal to the player.

Betway offers a good variety of sports, with a focus on the expected heavy hitters. The live betting feature isn’t exactly exclusive to Betway, but they do it well. Combined with the live streaming service, players can get immersed in the action.

Betway is known for offering good bonuses, although the betting odds aren’t ranked quite so highly. However, this is a convenient service with an appealing design. It might not be the top choice, but it’s a site to keep in mind. 

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook is a semi-popular choice for players, but it’s not one that we can recommend using. Bovada operates in something of a gray area. As an offshore operator, it isn’t illegal to bet with Bovada, but it is risky.

Bovada is known for its poor customer service and a reputation for slow payments and closed accounts. As it operates overseas, it is very difficult to report an issue when it occurs. And once the issue has been reported, it’s even harder to resolve the conflict.

Bovada has some popularity, which is why we’ve included it on this list. However, as there are so many better online sportsbooks, we recommend avoiding Bovada.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is one of the most popular online betting websites in the U.S. Its popularity is partly thanks to the website design, which is smooth, user-friendly, and engaging. 

But it isn’t just an attractive interface that makes Caesars Sportsbook a top choice — it also has an app. Beyond appearances, Caesars Sportsbook offers fantastic deals and good odds on a wide range of sports.

Caesars Sportsbook is a trusted brand with quality live streams and good customer service. It doesn’t have quite the same live betting features and options as other apps, but the overall user experience does make up for some shortcomings.

Derby Jackpot

Unsurprisingly, Derby Jackpot is a horse racing online bookmaker. However, Derby Jackpot aims to do things a little differently.

This isn’t a site for the serious player who scours the statistics to lay complex wagers. Instead, this is for the casual player looking to enjoy the races.

This target user of Derby Jackpot is obvious from the moment you enter the site. The design and layout are fun, rather than serious, with vivid graphics instead of a focus on statistics.

That’s not to say you can’t learn about the sport with Derby Jackpot. Just look elsewhere if you want to know the ins and outs.

A fresh approach to horse racing, Derby Jackpot won’t appeal to everyone. But for players interested in betting who’ve felt unwelcome on other sites, it has obvious benefits.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings operates on three different levels. First, it’s a Daily Fantasy Sports League. This functions like a fantasy sports league but on a shorter time scale for consistent play. Second, it’s a casino, where players have access to a range of casino leagues.

Third, it’s a sportsbook, one that’s known for its fun design and plenty of special offers for customers. As a sportsbook, DraftKings is one of the leaders of the pack. There are numerous sports and bet types, with good odds and an appealing web design.

While not everyone will take advantage of the three-way approach of DraftKings, the combination of fantasy league and sportsbook has advantages. For those who enjoy both, DraftKings allows the player to engage in their hobbies from one place.

And if you’re only after a betting website, the casino and fantasy sports league won’t affect your experience.

DRF Bets

DRF is a respected name in horse racing and their online betting site lives up to the trust they’ve built on the track.

The clean, no-nonsense user interface is clearly aimed at enthusiasts, allowing players to engage in their hobby without the excess noise of some other betting sites.

The simplicity of DRF Bets doesn’t mean newcomers can’t join in on the fun. DRF Bets is packed with information, useful for both the serious player and someone just getting in on the action.

For players interested in learning more about horse racing, DRF Bets offers a source of knowledge and a place to put your learning to the test. 

Elite Sportsbook

Small and simple, Elite Sportsbook doesn’t entirely live up to the elite name. It offers a relatively small number of betting options in a limited number of sports.

The user interface is easy to navigate and the site looks good, but if you’re after anything and everything, Elite Sportsbook can’t provide it.

Elite Sportsbook doesn’t operate in many states, which does hold it back from becoming a major player. However, if Elite Sportsbook is live in your area, it does offer some benefits for players.

Primarily, the customer service is excellent. As a small sportsbook business, you can get help quickly and easily.


Owned and operated by Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway, EmpireCityBets is an online betting service focused on horse racing. It offers odds on numerous races, while account holders have access to video streaming, race replays, and a results archive.

EmpireCityBets might not have the flashiest website or the biggest range of features, but it should appeal to horse racing enthusiasts. Combining the betting platform with live races is always appealing to players, and the race replays are a bonus. 

Add on a reasonably good mobile app and EmpireCityBets offers a service that caters well to the needs of players, even if it isn’t a standout choice.

EveryGame Sportsbook

Originally known as Intertops, EveryGame Sportsbook is an established player in the world of online betting.

It offers a wide range of sports, including plenty of “niche” international favorites, with decent betting options. It even has esports, showing that EveryGame is willing to move with the times.

As well as the sportsbook site, Everygame also operates an online casino. However, you wouldn’t know it straight away. The two sites have quite different interfaces and you can’t easily access the casino from the sportsbook (and vice versa).

EveryGame is owned and operated internationally, but it does appear to be fully licensed for the U.S. market. Overall, EveryGame will primarily suit the casual player.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the online bookmaker community.

Popular with everyone from casual customers to dedicated players, with plenty to appeal to passionate sports fans, FanDuel is consistently ranked among the best sportsbooks in the U.S.

As well as an exciting user interface and a huge number of sports, FanDuel provides frequent bonuses and promotions for players. Both the desktop site and mobile app are excellent — easy to use and intuitive for newcomers. 

With a large licensing area, more and more players are turning to FanDuel. While there are still some issues to sort out (the cash-out options are limited and the busy interface can be distracting) it’s still at the top of the pack.

Full Online Bookmakers Site List

Fanatics Sportsbook

Fanatics Sportsbook is a newcomer to the world of online bookmakers, but building off an established sports merchandising business, there are high hopes for the platform.   

Building on a reputable brand is always a good sign for a sportsbook, as the name comes with an already established level of trust. With a slick website design and in-depth knowledge of the sports betting industry, Fanatics looks set to become a big name.

However, with any new online bookmakers there is always some risk involved. Players with little experience might prefer to wait a few years, giving Fanatics Sportsbook a chance to prove itself.

FOX Bet Sportsbook

While most people are familiar with the FOX brand, you might not be aware that they’re in the sportsbook space. FOX Bet Sportsbook isn’t the major player you might expect it to be, but for occasional customers, it has some bonuses.

The FOX Bet Sportsbook doesn’t have much to stand out from the crowd. It only operates in limited states, has limited bonuses and promotions, and the odds are fine but not exceptional. It primarily seems to cater to new players or casual customers. 

That’s not to say you should overlook FOX Bets Sportsbook. If you like to price shop, it’s one to keep an eye on.

GTBets Sportsbook

GTBets is registered internationally, although it does seem to be legally operated in the U.S. However, user reviews aren’t good.

Payout times are incredibly slow, customer service is bad, and the user interface lags. With so many better options to choose from, players should give GTBets a miss.

Hard Rock Sportsbook

Part of the Hard Rock Cafe brand, Hard Rock Sportsbook has a flashy and attractive user interface that supports an impressive betting experience.

Despite the name recognition, Hard Rock Sportsbook is only available in a small number of states. However, where it is in operation, it provides a good service.

There are a large number of betting markets, an inclusive live betting service, and a lot of sports to choose from.

The desktop website can be a little clunky, but the mobile app is very user-friendly. For players looking for multiple betting options across various leagues, Hard Rock Sportsbook has a good service to offer.

Hollywood Races

Run by Penn National Gaming, Hollywood Races is an online bookmaker focused on horse racing. It’s an offshoot of Hollywood Casino and has been slowly growing a name for itself since the repeal of PASPA.

With a wide audience and a trusted name, Hollywood Races is a top horse racing bookmaker.

One of the major advantages of Hollywood Races is the number of bonuses and promotions it runs. It’s a site that keeps the user base coming back, with the upcoming promotions calendar ensuring players always know the best time to bet.

For smart players, the VIP Championship Club is the home of exclusive offers.


InterBets is a horse racing website that primarily caters to players based in New York. Although you can access InterBets from some other states, users from New York are likely to have the best experience.

Especially as there’s an emphasis on using the InterBets website in person.

A poor user experience meant that InterBets lagged behind other horse racing websites for a while, but it’s undergone a transformation that should appeal to new customers.

The site is based on a minimal design — players can find what they need without much hassle.

For users based in New York, InterBets is a top choice for horse racing. For users based elsewhere, it’s still worth a look, even if you will miss out on some features.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Known for good bonuses and attractive offers, MyBookie Sportsbook is a top choice for players in the U.S., even if it is technically an overseas company. As well as a sportsbook, MyBookie also operates a casino and horse racing.

Despite being an international company, MyBookie offers an exceptional range of U.S.-based sports, including pro and college.

There is a good range of betting types in the most popular sports, including a live betting feature that pairs well with the mobile site. For crypto fans, MyBookie also offers the ability to bet with Bitcoin.

Off Track Betting

Easy to join and with access to racecourses around the world, OffTrackBetting is an appealing online bookmaker for those who are new to racing. It offers a combination of horse racing and greyhound racing.

A major benefit of Off Track Betting is that it’s easy to get started. Within just a few minutes you can be on the site and ready to go, enjoying live coverage of your favorite races. A replay library also allows you to catch up on the action once it’s happened.

Off Track Betting primarily stands out due to the combination of horse racing and greyhound racing. For fans of both, the Off Track Betting bookmaker’s site should be a top choice. 

PlayUp Sportsbook

A relatively new entrant to the online bookmaker market, PlayUp Sportsbook is an appealing site with a (currently) limited reach.

Attractive welcoming offers are certainly enticing to new users and the vibrant PlayUp Sportsbook website acts as a draw.

Once you’re on the site, PlayUp Sportsbook has an exciting range of sports to bet on, with frequent bonuses to keep players coming back. 

As well as a sportsbook, PlayUp also offers horse race betting. PlayUp Racebook is available in a larger number of states, with over 400 racetracks (including harness racing and greyhounds).

There isn’t much to PlayUp Sportsbook to set it apart from the crowd, but the welcome offers are certainly enough to get casual players in. And with an attractive interface to greet them, many will be convinced to stick around.

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet has certainly made an impact in the U.S. sportsbook market, even if it isn’t quite up there with the big names just yet.

However, with a license to operate in numerous states, an exciting user interface, and excellent in-house odds, it’s not far behind the top players.

Originally launched in Australia, PointsBet has all the biggest North American sports, as well as some international favorites. The desktop website can be a little tricky to navigate, but the minimal features ensure you don’t get distracted.

And once you’re used to the layout, PointsBet is easy to use.

PointsBet isn’t quite a leader in the online bookmakers market just yet, but it has plenty of room for growth.

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook

Operated by 888 Holdings, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook combines two of the biggest names in online betting and sport. The result? An appealing sportsbook with broad coverage and attractive odds.

In addition to a fantastic desktop website, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook runs an excellent app. The Betfeed keeps players on top of everything that’s going on and the clean design echoes the user experience of the desktop. 

Frequent promotions encourage players to stick with SI Sportsbook, even when there are delays with payouts. Customer service options are currently limited, but hopefully, SI will put effort into ensuring a better customer experience in the future.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable online bookmaker with an encompassing range of options.

Full Online Bookmakers Site List

SugarHouse Sportsbook

Owned and operated by BetRivers, SugarHouse Sportsbook has many of the same features as BetRivers. The design is vibrant, the offers are good, and once you’re signed up, SugarHouse provides bonuses to keep you coming back.

However, SugarHouse doesn’t have the same slick finish as BetRivers. It looks like a smaller operation. This isn’t a major downside — it’s a sportsbook, not a graphic design site — but when there’s so much competition, it can make a difference for players.

As a branch of BetRivers, SugarHouse has a limited reach. For players with access to SugarHouse instead of BetRivers, it’s a good alternative. But if BetRivers is active in a state, it’s the clear leader.

Tipico Sportsbook

Tipico might not have immediate name recognition in the U.S., but the sportsbook has been well-regarded internationally for a long time.

Tipico operates as a mobile app, with no plans for a desktop website. The mobile app is excellent, providing a quality user experience with a classy design. A desktop website isn’t a necessity for everyone, but many users will miss the versatility.

The sign-up bonus and user rewards are fantastic. Tipico offers a VIP program for frequent users, to keep players returning to the same sportsbook and not shopping around for better offers.

Players that consistently use a mobile app sportsbook will appreciate the Tipico design and promotions. Unfortunately, desktop players have little to take from Tipico.


TwinSpires operates as both a racebook and a sportsbook, with the racebook as the larger branch. Horse race betting is operated by TwinSpires in numerous states, while the sportsbook is significantly more limited. 

The racebook and sportsbook operate as almost separate businesses. This can be a benefit — if you’re only interested in one side of the business, you don’t have to interact with the other. However, some might prefer a little more integration.

Overall, both the racebook and sportsbook offer appealing bonuses and attractive welcome promotions. The racebook, operated in conjunction with Churchill Downs, has the more established brand.

But both arms of the company have enough options to attract players.


TVG is the horse racing arm of FanDuel. If you’re familiar with FanDuel that should set your expectations high. FanDuel is one of the biggest names in online bookmakers, known for exceptional versatility and a user-friendly design.

Much like FanDuel, the overall look of TVG is fun and vibrant. For new players, TVG certainly makes an exciting prospect. But even frequent players will be impressed with the smart layout and odds.

TVG operates primarily in the U.S., and the majority of the tracks covered are in North America. A focus on more international tracks would be appreciated, but TVG does seem to be aimed at new players, who might prefer the streamlined approach.

Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet has made a name for itself thanks to consistently good odds. Already a major player in the international market, Unibet has had a quick impact on the U.S. online betting industry.

The large number of sports available on Unibet is good. However, the real highlight is the variety of betting options. There’s something for almost everyone on Unibet, especially for players who have access to the Unibet casino as well.

A combination of live streaming and live betting increases the possibilities of Unibet. Add in the daily odds boosts and Unibet has a lot to offer the returning player. Customer service could be improved, but it’s not far behind the leading U.S. sportsbooks.

WagerWeb Sportsbook

WagerWeb is another sportsbook operated internationally but with a noticeable presence in the U.S. market.

User reports seem to indicate that WagerWeb is a trustworthy site with good customer service — always a benefit, especially when dealing with an overseas operation.

It helps that WagerWeb is a well-established name in the international market. Operating since 1994, it’s built up trust among the customer base. 

They might be an older company, but WagerWeb isn’t afraid to keep up with the times. Players can place bets using bitcoin and WagerWeb also offers odds on esports. For the modern player looking for a trusted name, WagerWeb is worth investigating.

WynnBET Sportsbook

A collaboration between Wynn Hotels and BetBull, a European online sportsbook, WynnBET aims to combine the luxury of the former with the established trust of the latter.

Overall, WynnBET has done an excellent job, especially where the mobile app is concerned.

Operating in multiple states, WynnBET has used big names in the sporting world to attract players. This glitzy approach can also be felt in the design. The app is attractive and user-friendly with well-incorporated live betting options.

It would be easy to dismiss WynnBET as a flashy app for casual customers, but the collaboration with BetBull ensures smart players will be engaged with the service. WynnBET hasn’t made a massive impact on the U.S. market just yet, but it looks set to grow.


Another bookmaker that is owned and operated overseas, XBet has become a top choice among U.S. players. Even though it might be operated internationally, XBet has a fantastic range of U.S. sports, including both pro and college leagues.

As a sportsbook, XBet offers impressive welcome rewards, and the bonuses continue even after you’ve signed up. The special bets and prop bets ensure there’s a good variety for smart players, while featured sports are attractive to newcomers.

Eagle-eyed players are likely to spot that XBet and MyBookie have very similar designs. In some places, they’re almost identical. It’s impossible to choose between the two.

Online Bookmakers Conclusion

The online bookmakers market in the U.S. has undergone massive growth since the repeal of PASPA in 2018. Since then, online sportsbooks have opened in multiple states. But that doesn’t mean players are going to be overwhelmed with options. 

The long licensing process means even established betting sites have a wait to become legal in the U.S. Many of the biggest names in online bookmakers only operate in a limited number of states.

Smaller, locally-focused sportsbooks are on the rise, but the licensing process does prevent a sudden boom in sportsbooks.

However, there are still many options to choose from, and more online bookmakers are set to open in the coming years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Online Bookmakers In The USA? 

Yes, since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, online bookmakers have been legally allowed to operate in many states across the country.

An online bookmaker must hold a license for the state they want to operate in and any player must be physically within the state when making a bet. Not all states allow online bookmakers to operate.

Which Is The Best Online Bookmakers?

Some of the top U.S. online bookmakers include FanDuel, Caesars Sportsbook, MGMBets, Bet365, and BetRivers. However, the market is constantly growing.

Any smart player should keep an eye out for smaller bookmakers that are developing a trusted reputation.

How Do You Choose An Online Bookmakers?

A good online bookmaker offers a large range of sports and betting options, frequent deals, and quick payouts. Quality customer support is always welcome, especially for new players.

However, smart players won’t limit themselves to a single online bookmaker. Shopping around can secure customers the best odds on each wager.