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How Pay Per Head Agents Can Promote UFC Betting

One sport that could provide profit to an online bookie agent’s bottom line is MMA. Mixed Martial Arts has become an incredibly popular sport. UFC, the most important promotional company in MMA, is a popular brand. How can agents promote betting on UFC? Keep reading to find out.

How Pay Per Head Agents Can Promote UFC Betting

The best way to describe how agents can promote UFC betting is to compare it to boxing betting.

  1. UFC provides more events on which to wager

Vegas odds makers only set boxing lines on fights that garner the public’s interest. For example, Lomachenko versus Linares, which takes place on May 12, has garnered the public’s interest. That’s only a single boxing match, though.

UFC runs at least one full-card promotion each month. The company also runs smaller promotions throughout the month. It’s possible for sports bettors to wager on every UFC fight in all their promotions.

Betting hook:  More Choices

  1. UFC fights offer more competitive betting lines

Lomachenko is a -1400 favorite over Linares. Think about that. Bettors must wager $1400 to make a $100 profit. That’s crazy. Unless you like Linares, as a sports bettor you can’t make any money betting on Lomachenko to beat Linares unless you’re willing to take out another mortgage on your house.

UFC provides much more competitive betting lines. Vitor Belfort is +200 versus Lyoto Machida at -260 on the UFC 224 card. Those odds are more palatable than -1400 versus +750 on Lomachenko vs Linares.

Betting hook:  Better odds

  1. Underdogs can win UFC matches

Let’s be honest, what are the true chances of Linares upsetting Lomachenko in their bout on May 12? Probably much higher than Linares’ +750 odds, right? Lomachenko is the pound for pound best fighter in the world.

That’s not true with UFC matches. UFC is a different sport than boxing. A single punch or kick can take down the favored fighter. At UFC 224, Amanda Nunes is at -600 to beat Raquel Pennington. That doesn’t mean Pennington is without a shot. Holly Holm was a +825 dog when she knocked out Ronda Rousey.

Betting hook:  Underdogs have a shot in every UFC match

It’s obvious that pay per head agents can promote UFC betting. All they must do is promote choices, better odds comparable to boxing matches, and the fact that every underdog has a shot to win a UFC match.

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