You are currently viewing 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview

2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview

The Olympics are finally here. Check out BossAction’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview to help bookies like you ready for the July 23 Tokyo games.

Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been a disaster. First, it moved from July 2020 to July 23, 2021. And with just three weeks before the games begin, we have more bad news. Japan has banned spectators from the games.

On July 8, 2021, the committee officially banned fans from all events, killing the noise, culture, and spirit that makes the Olympics such an enjoyable experience. 

One of the few options to salvage the games as an exciting, engaging event? Olympic sports betting. 

Have a look at this 2020 Tokyo Betting Preview to understand what type of wagers BossAction PPH sportsbook agents offer and some of the more important events to highlight.

Type of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Bets

Here are the types of bets bookies will see throughout the 2020 Tokyo Games.


Should bettors decide to wager on the U.S. basketball team, men or women, or the U.S. women’s soccer team, they’ll find moneyline odds heavily in their favor until the gold medal finals – unless a shocking upset occurs.

Moneyline bets may also get a boost from the return of baseball in the Olympics. Six teams will compete – a 40-MLB player United States squad, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and the Dominican Republic.


Spread betting is available on some Tokyo Olympics events. Spreads should be available on basketball, baseball as runlines, and soccer handicaps. 


In addition to total betting on individual games, your players can also make total bets on whether the USA goes over or under a certain amount of gold medals. Medal totals are also available for Brazil, Canada, Australia, and other nations.

To Win and Head-to-Head Props

Bettors can wager on winners in almost every sport from track and field to gymnastics, swimming, fencing, and even judo. If one of your players can’t find the bet they wish to make, call us and we’ll add it.

More popular events like men’s track offer head-to-head options like for which marathon runner finishes ahead between the USA’s Galen Rupp and Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge. 

Live Wagering

Live betting allows your players to dive into the competition as it happens. Live betting options should be available for all team sports and some athletic skill events like track and field and swimming.

Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview: Money Making Events

Here are the events that should attract the most handle:

  • Basketball: For the U.S., familiar faces like Kevin Durant and Damian Lilliard lead the heavily favored men’s team. Kentucky Wildcat player Rhyne Howard leads the equally heavily favored U.S. Women’s Basketball Team. 
  • Soccer: Brazil is the current favorite but if Argentina beats Brazil at the Copa America Final, expect France or Spain to become the favorite. Also expect the EURO 2020 winner, either England or Italy, to garner plenty of action. 
  • Baseball: Although the U.S. team lacks star power, it still has names like pitchers Scott Kazmir and Edwin Jackson. Expect the Dominican Republic, South Korea, and Japan to field teams that challenge the Americans. 
  • 100 Meter Final: Regardless of who’s involved, all eyes will be on the race to determine the fastest man and woman alive. The 100 meter finals for both men and women could drive last-minute betting action.
  • 4×100 Meter Relay:  There’s plenty of controversy with Sha’Carri Richardson off the USA Track and Field team. But that should only magnify interest in how favored Team USA will perform.  
  • Gymnastics: Star gymnast Simon Biles will be front and center. If she’s as dominant as she’s been in the U.S. gymnastics championships, she should have no trouble winning gold. Use your layoff account or take Biles off the board if action rises to an unsustainable level. 

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