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Prepare for Super Bowl LVII Before the Conference Championships

Prepare for Super Bowl LVII

Yes, we still have the conference championships to watch this weekend, but I wanted to look at the last four teams to see their odds of playing in the Super Bowl LVII and winning the Lombardi trophy. If you don’t have a lot of futures bets coming in now, you soon will. There might have been a favorite before this week, but that’s now changed. All four have a shot of not only making it to the Super Bowl but winning it. 

If you don’t believe me, check the odds at different sportsbooks. Some have the Eagles; others have the Chiefs. Another had the Bengals tied with the Chiefs. 

San Francisco 49ers

The worst odds for Super Bowl LVII go to San Francisco, mainly because they have a rookie quarterback. No rookie has ever made it past this point. Brock Purdy will be the fifth rookie quarterback to start in a conference championship. All of the others lost. Brock is attempting to do what no others have done and do it on the road against the most formidable team he’s had to face. That’s no small feat for anyone, let alone the last person to be picked in last year’s draft.

If they get past Philadelphia, they still have to take on either the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes at the helm or the Cincinnati Bengals with the indomitable Joe Burrow steering the team. That’s why the 49ers have the worst odds among the four remaining teams to win the Super Bowl, even though they have the best defense in the NFL.

There was some speculation that Jimmy Garoppolo might be healthy enough to play this weekend. But it looks like the team will be sticking with Purdy as the starter, regardless of the health status of Garoppolo or Trey Lance, who took over after Garoppolo’s injury. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Their futures odds are sitting at +350. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are +280. These odds will undoubtedly change as we learn more about Patrick Mahomes’ high ankle sprain status. He keeps telling everyone he’ll be playing this weekend, but at what level? There’s not much else to tell about the Chiefs. We all know this team very well and what they’re capable of. The only variable seems to be Mahomes’ ankle. In essence, most people betting on the Super Bowl will be betting on his ankle one way or another.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are at +250 odds to win the Super Bowl LVII. If you’re wondering about Joe Burrow’s confidence, rewatch their win against the Bills in Buffalo. He didn’t even seem to notice the snow. His team truly plays like a close-knit unit, overcoming whatever comes their way. Many wondered what would happen to the Bengals when they lost three offensive-line starters, but if there was a change in their play, no one could tell. Whether Mahomes is healthy or not, Cincinnati will be one formidable challenger.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have +240 odds of winning it all. I don’t think they got the respect they deserved for most of the season. They were the last team to lose a game this season, and it wasn’t until the end that they seemed to slow down and lose a couple of games. That can be attributed to quarterback Jalen Hurts having an injured shoulder. But the bye week they got for being the No. 1 seed going into the playoffs made a difference. They crushed the New York Giants 38-7, with Hurts saying he still wasn’t 100% going into the game. 

Be Prepared for Super Bowl LVII with In-game Betting

Even if you’re not getting many bets for the Super Bowl LVII game, you will soon. Too often, the big game is a blow-out, with the outcome being obvious by half-time – not this year. Any of these teams playing any other team is expected to be a close nail-biter. This would be a great time to allow live, in-game betting to your players. They should be placing bets up until the fourth quarter in the conference championships and the Super Bowl. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities available to bookies for the remainder of the playoffs. 

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